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Business of Photography Conference 2024: Culture Exchange – The Art of Business

The Business of Photography Network (BOPnetworks) is thrilled to announce the eagerly anticipated Business of Photography Conference 2024, set to take place on March 20th, 2024, at The Muson Center, Onikan, Lagos, Nigeria. Powered by Insigna Media Production Limited and led by Kola Oshalusi, its Founder and Creative Director, this annual event is poised to offer a unique exploration of the convergence of culture, art, and business.

Unveiling Business of Photography 2024: Celebrating Cultural Export

This year’s conference theme, “Culture Exchange – The Art of Business,” has been meticulously chosen to align with the evolving landscape of the African entertainment industry and the unprecedented globalization opportunities. Unlike traditional photography conferences, BOP2024 will spotlight Nigerian culture as a valuable export commodity. It will delve into avenues where government support and structured financial investments can propel the photography and cinematography sectors to unprecedented heights.

Kola Oshalusi, the visionary behind the Business of Photography Conference, shares his excitement for this year’s theme. “The fusion of culture, art, and business is the essence of our conference this year. We firmly believe that with recognition and support from the government and financial institutions, photography has the potential to generate substantial revenue for our nation. BOP2024 is not just a conference; it’s a platform to showcase Nigeria’s cultural wealth and explore how the creative industry can significantly contribute to our economy,” he remarked.

Empowering Discussions and Insights

The proposed panel sessions have been thoughtfully curated to address pivotal aspects of the photography and cinematography sectors. Sessions such as “Exporting Brand Nigeria: Civic Responsibility or Business?” and “The Role of Government and Structured Finance in Fostering Growth in the Creative Economy” will convene industry experts, policymakers, and financial institutions to deliberate on critical topics.

Moreover, the conference will examine gender dynamics in the creative industry through a specially curated session, tentatively sponsored by leading organizations, titled “The Gender Role in Building a Robust Photography Ecosystem.” The event will also delve into essential subjects such as cultural appreciation, positive appropriation, and the future of storytelling through smartphone photography.

Advocating for Visual Storytelling

In a world where visual storytelling holds increasing sway, the Business of Photography Conference 2024 aims to celebrate the art form and advocate for the recognition and support necessary to elevate photography into a formidable business sector in Nigeria and Africa.

For more information and registration details, kindly visit the registration page or our official website at Join us as we embark on a transformative journey at the intersection of culture, art, and business!


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