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Business Tips: What I Learnt At The Fashion Business Mixer

These business tips should have gone up since Thursday but, we had an online party for The Fashion Steward. hence, the delay.

The team and I agreed that, helping you manage your business better in the next half of the year is more important. Thankfully, I was at the Fashion Business Mixer by Fashion Business Academy. Though there as a speaker, I did gather a lot of business tips from the other speakers in terms of managing a business and ensuring that you attain the level of success that we all desire for our businesses.

Based on everything that the speakers shared, here are 5 business tips you can do to manage your business better in this 2nd half of the year;

Be Firm:

I was that boss who thought that I needed to do things a little bit differently from some bosses that I had. I didn’t want my staff to think I was bitchy or tag me, ‘Devil Wears Prada’. Now, I know better. Being firm is different from being arrogant.

Have A Staff Handbook:

As a business owner, I try to hand contracts to my employees but I never gave a handbook any thought especially because, we are a small business that has never had more than 5 staff at a time. What I didn’t realise is, though every staff needs an orientation just before they start their jobs, they also need a staff handbook. So, when a staff is not conducting themselves in a way that they should, you can always ask them to refer to their handbook. It makes enforcing penalties easier if you are like me always overthinking things. It also helps to put them on track with the vision of the company.

Have A Standard Operating Procedure:

This is slightly different from the handbook. While the handbook has the codes and conducts, this will be the mode of operation. Even as a business owner with zero staff, I have come to realise that this will help me a lot. That way, as you get to hire more hands, it is easier to understand how these things have worked for you and you can pass it down to them. Recently, I saw a video of Joyce Awosika of Oriki group. She mentioned that she has SOPs even for her nannies.

Hire Experts:

Girl, there are people blessed with the gift of doing it all but then, doing it all can actually become a recipe for disaster. For me, I realise that I am sentimentally attached to people. I can hire just to help you and then in the long run realise that you were not a value add to the organization. So, I need a professional to step in and make the right decisions devoid of any sentiments. Have an Organogram: Whether you are working alone or with people, have an organogram. It helps you understand all the roles that you currently carry. Eventually when you begin to hire, you know what exact roles needs to be occupied. I need one right now because I need to pay myself real good for all the many hats that I wear in my organization.

This where I call it a wrap and ask that you let me know in the comment section what resonates with you. What changes are you making to end 2019 with a bang. I will be reading!

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