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Bvlgari: Embarking on the secret Gems road

Just as the year began, we were already anticipating what turned out to be an amazing trip sponsored by Bvlgari. It was the journey through the secret Gems road, taking us through the  the most exotic of precious gems.

The Gemme Collection- its new collection of exclusive fragrances was officially launched for the first time ever in Africa on the 27th of May , 2015 at the Federal Palace Hotel and Casino in the city of Lagos. We were not alone as Bvlgari got quite a number of personalities across the various industries and together, it was an exciting event. Before we bring you pictures from that  journey, see the Gems we found.

The Gemme collection by BVLGARI is a collection of 6 exotic fragrances Inspired by the brand’s tradition of Opulence and the most beautiful Iconic Jewellery set – pieces.These distinct jewel scents are Ashlemah- the Amethyst, Noorah- the Turquoise, Amarena- the Tourmaline, Lilaia- the Peridot, Maravilla- the Citrine and Calaluna, the Moonstone.

BVL GEMME PICS MAY (47) DSC_0271 DSC_0302 DSC_0310 DSC_0317

These fragrances represent the uncompromising values of excellence and Uniqueness by BVLGARI. Every Guest was introduced to this beautiful collection from the absolutely amazing flacons to the attention to every detail in creating every fragrance, making this collection a complete masterpiece of the world’s finest gem stones. The Beauty and exclusivity of this collection has already made it a choice gift for royalty in some of the world’s most opulent monarchies for important life events and celebrations. It is truly dedicated to everyone who appreciates the finest things in life.

The Gemme Collection by BVLGARI is now available exclusively at Essenza stores nationwide. We will like to thank our guide for the night, Caroline Ferlay, who took us through this journey. Special thanks to Distrimarq especially the brand strategist, Vivienne Odofin Daniel.

All pictures from the night to come soon! Bvlgari shall offer an olfactive goody bag of the Gemme miniatures and the book on the gems. All you need to do is share your thoughts on the bottle and you stand the chance to get that….


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