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Empowering Change: CAAF24 Webinar Unveils Solutions in Africa’s Climate Finance Landscape

Climate Action Africa has announced the launch of the CAAF24 pre-event Weinar that will focus on Climate Finance in Africa. The virtual event is now open for registration.

In a move to tackle Africa’s climate funding challenges head-on, Climate Action Africa (CAA) is set to launch the CAAF24 Pre-Event Webinar, shining a spotlight on Climate Finance in Africa. The virtual event, scheduled for February 29, is a critical precursor to the Climate Action Africa Forum 2024 (CAAF24) and promises an insightful exploration of successes, challenges, and strategies in climate finance for the continent.

Event Details and Diverse Perspectives

Date, Time, and Platform

Mark your calendars for February 29 as the virtual gathering unfolds on LinkedIn from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM WAT (UTC+1). This accessible platform ensures a broad audience can engage with the experts and stakeholders steering the conversation.

Moderators Steering the Dialogue

The event boasts an impressive lineup of moderators with diverse expertise:

  • Collins Otieno: Climate Change Policy & Development Practitioner; Lead, Climate Finance and Innovations (VCA), Hivos.
  • Sandra Guzmán Luna: Low Carbon Development & Climate Finance Specialist; Founder, GFLAC.
  • Otito Nwaigwe-Chukwu: ESG Consultant & Climate Finance Specialist; Senior Consultant, EarnMore Consultants.
  • Luke Moore: Climate Finance, Adaptation, and Programme Design Specialist; Associate, Zest Associates.

Africa’s Climate Finance Challenge: Bridging the Gap

Africa stands at a crucial juncture, possessing abundant renewable energy resources and a vibrant young population. However, the continent faces the significant challenge of a climate finance gap hindering ambitious climate action. To meet the global warming target of 1.5°C, Africa needs a staggering USD 2.8 trillion in climate finance by 2030. The current flow of funds falls short, impeding progress towards sustainable development goals.

Insights from CAA Leadership

Grace Oluchi Mbah’s Perspective

Grace Oluchi Mbah, Co-Founder and Executive Director of CAA, succinctly captures the essence: “Africa stands at the crossroads of climate action and development. While rich in renewable energy resources and youthful population, it grapples with climate change and socio-economic challenges.”

Webinar Objectives: Knowledge, Collaboration, and Action

The CAAF24 Pre-Event Webinar is not just a forum; it’s a catalyst for change. Attendees can anticipate a multi-faceted experience:

Data-Driven Presentations

Insights will flow through data-driven presentations, offering a comprehensive overview of the African climate finance landscape. These presentations will set the stage for informed discussions and strategic planning.

Expert Panel Discussions

Panel discussions will feature project leaders, policymakers, and finance specialists. Real-world case studies will be presented, accompanied by practical recommendations. The diversity of perspectives ensures a holistic understanding of the challenges and opportunities in climate finance.

Interactive Q&A Session

The event culminates in an engaging Q&A session, providing attendees with the opportunity to interact with esteemed panelists, seeking clarifications and diving deeper into the key issues at hand.

Looking Ahead: NDCs, Collaboration, and Capacity Building

As the next round of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) approaches in 2025, the CAAF24 Pre-Event Webinar arrives at a critical juncture. It aspires to empower stakeholders with knowledge, foster collaboration, and drive actionable strategies. The ultimate goal is to mobilize resources, bridge the climate finance gap, build capacity and expertise across the continent, and secure a climate-smart future for Africa and its people.

A Collective Endeavor for a Climate-Resilient Africa

In conclusion, the CAAF24 Pre-Event Webinar is not just an informational session; it’s a call to action. By bringing together diverse voices, fostering collaboration, and providing actionable insights, the webinar aims to spark the momentum needed to address Africa’s climate finance challenges. Let’s join hands in this collective endeavor for a climate-resilient Africa.

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