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Celebrating 6 Years of Blogging at SoTectonic

I have been mentally drafting this post for days and even now that I finally opened my laptop, I still cannot fully express my thoughts. Who could have guessed that 6 years after, I would still be penning my thoughts down on this platform. The Blogging world hasn’t been easy but here I am. A lot has happened and a lot is about to unfold. So, keep reading!blogoversary

Let’s take blogging stock!

In the past 365 days, we have evolved and made a few additions to the family. Firstly, SoTectonic is no longer just a hobby but a business as we finally got registered as a Limited Liability Company. Not because I am excited to pay tax but because, it was time to put some structure to the business of blogging and all the other subsidiaries of the brand. Also, I need to be able to put business money in a separate account and be disciplined enough to utilize business funds for business.

The next big thing that happened this year was being able to launch a project dear to my heart which is the STailors project. If you have been following, you know that we launched this for the tailors to help them gain visibility on their platforms. It was really about teaching them the business of Instagram and that includes the art of social media management down to content creation and a few tips on sales based on my real life experience with our other subsidiaries. These ladies have done so well for themselves. You can read some of the reviews on my personal Instagram page.

What’s in stock for the new year?

As you can tell, I am beyond grateful for the last 365 days and best believe, we haven’t been sleeping at the Head Quarters. We have been taking some steps to ensure that we give you a better digital experience across all our platforms and to also ensure that we live up to our name, creating a strong and widespread impact. This is what tectonic means and I am determined to etch it in the minds of everyone. Hence, every member of our community will be known as a Tectonic one.planning for the blog

This brings me to a line up of activities that we have planned for the next 365 days;

  • New logo unveil
  • Self love campaign
  • Product launch
  • STailors collection launch
  • Monthly giveaways
  • Ecommerce store launch
  • Tectonic affirmation campaign
  • Trainings

Call To Actionsubscribe to the blog

We are building a stronger bond with our community and we do not want you to be left out. That is why I will like to remind you of some key platforms;

These 2 platforms have the bulk of the giveaways and first hand information. So while we will be trying to keep up with all the drama going down on Instagram, you want to be a registered Tectonic member. Don’t stay afloat boo. Once again, the subscription links are here and here.

Now, I have got to go as I have some presentations to do in readiness for my first online class on Social Media Management. You can still register via this link: SMM Class. I will also be taking over the Instagram account of Tribe Called ENA. Here you can get an insight into what I will be sharing in my class. Till then, live up to the community name for you have a Tectonic DNA!

We will keep inspiring you with the very best lifestyle contents and tips as we begin the journey to 7!


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