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Chic Ama’s Top 8 Maternity Styles

Chic Ama is a style blogger based in the United States. She has a really classy sense of style. She is that blogger that you want to check her page out if you are stuck and not sure what to wear for that next event.

In August 2017, we did notice what seemed like a baby bump but a lot of images after that did not confirm our suspicion until she decided to do a reveal in October. From that moment, we have watched her closely and her maternity looks are nothing close to disappointing at all. It has been elegance all the way from shorts to pants, gowns and skirts. In some cases, she flaunts the bump using a belt to make it more pronounced and for those who like to hide the bump, she had something for them.

Chic Ama has since given birth to baby Jaden but we are still in love with her maternity style that we decided to bring you her top 8 maternity styles as curated by our editor.

black and white dress

Chic Ama is a brand ambassador for DIvAbby, an online clothing store in the United States and they seem to have some cool outfits which we find on Chic Ama. This ‘super stretchy’ black and white dress is one of it. According to Chic Ama, this is a size S but she fits into it just well which proves that the outfit is really stretchy. The good thing is you can get to wear this again after you push that baby out.

maternity ripped demin

We hear that winter is at its peak at the moment and for those who will be taking a trip at this time of the year, you need lots of jackets and thick clothings and yeah, denim is way to go. Here, Chic Ama steps out in a fur coat by Slaytique, a clothing brand in Los Angeles. Inside, she has a black top on a denim that is slightly ripped. However, I wouldn’t advise the ripped jean if the weather is sper cold. Also, do you see how the black top hides the bump. It isn’t as pronounced.

ankara layered gown

We have seen something similar on style blogger, Agatha and it is from her fashion label, Flair by IronyOfAshi. We do love the prints and the design and it definitely covers the bump well.

red sequined dress

Valentine is only a few weeks away and the color red will be back. This dress is from Fashion Trendyz, an online boutique based in California. This is perfect as a wedding guest, for a pre-wedding shoot or dinner night with bae. We love love this look and you know red makes eveything pop!

purple dress with bow

This is another dress from Fashion Trendyz that we love. The big bow infront is what you need to hide that bump because it should distract people from the bump. I know it seems like we are focused on hiding the bump but that is because many a times, pregnant women are not trying to have the bump all up in your face. So, this should work.

rose gold ruffled dress

This is another look that hides the bump real good and if you follow Chic Ama on Instagram, you will see the second way she styled the look. This is the color blush but she does say that the dress comes in Mauve and red and is available by Fashion Trendyz. Who knows what color is mauve again?

pregnant bridesmaid

If you have a bridesmaid who is pregnant and you have been wondering how they will look on your train, Chic Ama puts your mind to rest. She certainly worked this look from Slaytique.

bridal gown

Brides, pregnant or not, here is something for you to jump. This is super sleek and really gorgeous. As a reception dress, you do not even have to change the color. The dress is from Jovani Fashion.

Which of these looks is your favourite?

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