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Christmas beauty gifts for Her

Hey guys! I hope everyone is having a great week and getting ready to exchange Christmas gifts as the days draw closer. I am a big fan of this season, so I have done some research and shopping around to see the beauty gifts that will make your special someone go from “Hmmm…” to “Yes, Bae!”

I have compiled a list of gift ideas for both sexes, but this week we will share our recommendation for the ladies and next week will be for our lads.
Ladies First……..
1. Brush Set- bg2

Buying brush sets never gets old- there is always a new brush set coming out and yes, we ladies need to change our brushes due to wear and tear. M.A.C released their holiday collection, and I tell you these brushes are beautiful. To the guys, getting these brushes will definitely put a smile on your significant other’s face. Other brands like Tart, Real Techniques, and Urban Decay have amazing brush sets. So if the M.A.C set outside your budget, definitely look in to buying from those brands. Trust me, you won’t regret it!
2. A Good Eye Shadow Palette with the Essential Colours- bg3

Every lady will love a palette that has the essential colors used to create day and night looks. I picked the Urban Decay Vice4 because I just love the fact that even though it has few colours, it has the ones anyone would need. As an artist, sometimes it is hard to find one palette that works, but I can say that this Vice4 is that palette. Even if your lady is not someone who likes colour, this palette can still work for her because of the natural tones. And you never know- she may just decide to step out of her comfort zone and try some colours one day. Urban Decay had really good palettes such as the UD Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette and Shadow Box. Other palettes I would recommend are the Tarte Tartelette Amazonian Clay, TOO FACED The Chocolate Bar Eye, TOO FACED Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar, Smashbox Double Exposure Palette and Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist Palette. There are so many sets I love but these are the few that are compact and have good pigmentation.
3. The Matte Liquid Lipstick Sets – bg4

If you do not know about matte liquid lipsticks, I may need to ask you this: What rock you have been hiding under? LOL. Matte liquid lipsticks are the in thing now, and to be honest, I love such lipsticks because they last longer on the client and I just love the look. If you want your lady to attend events and have her lips looking slayed for a good minute then definitely invest in liquid lipsticks. I recommend brands like Color Pop, Stila, LimeCrime, Pretty Zombie, Kat Von, and Anastasia Beverly Hills. Tip: Moisturize your lips before application because those liquid lipsticks can dry really quickly.
4. A Perfume Set – bg5

A nice perfume set always works for every occasion but we need to remember that it is not every lady that likes the fruity fragrance; some ladies like perfumes that are a little bit musky. So make sure your getting her the right scent. Tip: If your lady likes to spray your perfume or says she loved certain masculine scents, she most likely isn’t a fruity perfume lady. She will love more musky scents.

5. Makeover Session with Favourite Makeup Artist – Yes, every lady loves a makeover, or beauty session! So if you are clueless as to what to buy – or a little lazy to look- then this will be your best option. I will advise you just book your lady a visit to a makeup artist she loves on a day you know she would be going out. bg6

Hey ladies! Start saving up because in our next article, we will be sharing our gift recommendations for the guys!

Felicita Ovadje
@felicheetaartistry (Instagram and facebook)

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