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Classic Makeup Pressed Powder; Swatch + Experience

I have an acne prone skin, one that has had tough acne experiences. Hence, my paranoia about the skincare and makeup products that I use. I am extremely choosy and if I can’t find something that I trust, I am comfortable in my skin. All this preamble is to explain how I found Classic Makeup pressed powder.

The truth is, recession has doubled the price of my powder and foundation to 16,000 Naira each. This means that for me to get makeup done, I need to spend at least 32,000 Naira for the basics. I was already thinking of saving up for it or just placing an order in France when I found Classic makeup pressed powder.

The product came highly recommended by Chaurme Beauty and since the owner of the company is a skin care expert, I chose to trust. Besides, it costs less than 5,000 Naira. If it doesn’t work for my skin, I was going to ditch it and it won’t hurt as much as spending 16,000 Naira. It has been 2months and I am loving it enough to give it a spot on my page.

About the brand:

Classic Makeup Pressed powder looks to be a US brand but distributed by a Nigerian company. I say this because it has USA attached to its name but when you check the site, it feels Nigerian and very relatable with the face of a dark skin lady in gele. They do have a wide range of makeup products and different powders but this is the superior cover.

About the Product:

According to the brand, Classic makeup pressed powder helps in setting your make-up and achieving a velvety smooth and perfectly matte finish. It blends easily onto skin and is never chalky or cakey. It also blurs the look of flaws and controls shine for hours.


My Experience

In my over 2 months of use, the powder has lived  up to the description of the company. Initially, I used it over a foundation so I never really experienced it for sure. I knew I had a  matte finish and less shine but yesterday, I used it alone for an event.  It had good coverage and when my friend touched my face to see if it will fall off, it didn’t. I love the undertone and it has what seems to be like a glittery effect. It blends well into my skin which is very important for me. I hate to look like I have paint on my face.


I will say that this is a perfect dupe for Black Up two way cake powder. If you have my skin tone, you should try the chocolate shade which is what I have. Maybe I should also try the foundation and see if it could pass as a dupe for Black Up mattyfying foundation. If you have used it, share your experience with me before I purchase one.

Classic Makeup Pressed powder can be purchased from Chaurme Beauty. Their handle on Instagram is @chaurmebeauty. They do have a store in Ikeja but you can place an order and have them deliver it to you. All of those details you can find on their Instagram page. Oma Ehiri

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