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Clearly Misunderstood

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 I have a question…Girls would you ever make the first move and ask a guy you like out? Guys, do you mind if a girl asks you out? I know, these are questions of life…well these questions and my experience this week inspired this post.

In an attempt to rejuvenate my social life, I went for a house-party being organised by a friend of mine.  It was a closely knitted one as the organizer found it easy to introduce me to all of his friends at the party. They were really OK but one of them stood out. I will call him, K We hung out all night at the party discussing various topics and I found him very intelligent, cool and nice. When I was ready to leave the party, we exchanged contacts and then I bade him farewell.
The next day, he called me up and we spent quite some time on the phone chit chatting. That became the trend for the next few days. By the weekend, I found out a new restaurant and bar was opening in my area. So, I called K and asked if he would like to try the restaurant with me since he told me he was also a foodie (like I am). He sounded really excited and he did say yes.
I didn’t exactly see it as a date but rather, just two friends hanging out and having fun. However, I didn’t expect him to come as late as he did. I got there in good time, probably because the restaurant is a stone throw from my house. K. showed up one hour later and didn’t deem it fit to apologize. He was just acting funny. I tried not to take it to heart choosing to assume that he probably had a bad day.While we were eating, he barely spoke and kept giving me monosyllabic answers.
I began to get tired of the attitude and immediately the main course was over, I decided I had had enough of the attitude. I asked him what was wrong and his explanation came to me as a surprise. He says he is not certain what I want from him and at that moment, he was not ready for a relationship. I was clearly amazed because i was no longer sure what he was talking about. Like I had said earlier, I did not see it as a date. I had to make it clear to him that I only invited him because he did mention that he is a foodie.
I was so disappointed at his action that i had to leave the restaurant. Disappointed because I expected better from him and really, we are in the 21st century. If a girl likes a guy and she makes the first move, that shouldn’t make her less of a person or make the guy disrespect her. Actually, it only shows how bold and strong she is. However, in my case, I was clearly misunderstood or, what do you think?
By Jumoke Sijuwade 
Jumoke is presently doing her masters degree and has an event planning application called, black ivory. It is available on android phones. So, feel free to download and exploit it. She equally hosts a blog called, The diary of a Very Single Girl. To read more of her stories, visit .

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