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Covid19: What has anxiety got to do with disobedience?

Sometimes anxiety in our lives is as a result of our unwillingness to be obedient.

Let me ask you a question and I will love if you can oblige me with an answer in the comment section. Since you accepted the reality of the recent pandemic, corona virus, have you experienced anxiety? If you have, what action did you take before you got anxious? Were you observing all the Covid19 precautions? Or did you somehow flout it and found yourself panicking?

Well, there are times when anxiety creeps in. Not because you didn’t do the right thing but because you feel a sudden heat wave. For instance, employers laying off employees could cause anyone to be anxious as it has been said that a number of people have lost their jobs without even realising it. That uncertainty is not something you have control over and can be excused. What we are focused on today, is disobedience which leads to anxiety.

I will tell you a story. A few days back, I stepped out to get some tubers of yam. After making my purchase, a few events happened. First, a lady popped her head into the car to ask for alms and she was all up in my face. Next, I had the lady who helps me around the house follow me home to get something for her family. Whilst she was with me, she mentioned a few outings she had made which made me discharge her almost immediately.

When she left, I felt my chest tighten. Immediately, I decided to do a hot water therapy for my lungs, drank some hot Chinese tea infused with lemon and ginger. Lately, I have been doing a fitness challenge which has stretched my muscles. But in that moment, I couldn’t help but worry that I may have exposed myself to Covid19. Here was anxiety playing tricks on my mind and my body seemed to be responding to it.

Fast forward to the next day, I listened to a message by Steven Furtick titled when anxiety attacks. The words that inspired this post were,

“sometimes, anxiety in our lives is as a result of our unwillingness to obey”.

If you didn’t get that, read it again and a few more times until it sinks. No pressure because I also did a rewind to get his exact words and immediately I caught its relevance to the now.

You see, when I stay home minding my business and protecting my space, I never get anxious. When I am doing everything that the health directors have instructed, I am good. The moment I step outside or come in contact with another human, anxiety sets in. Sometimes, these interactions are necessary because I need food. But what if I take all the other necessary precautions like wear all the protective garments, will I still feel anxious?

I want us to ponder on those words by Steven Furtick. Let us reflect on them and be as honest as we can to ourselves. Even from a religious point, we have had people attend religious gatherings. As Christians at least, I am aware that Jesus Christ calls us to obey constituted authorities several times in the Bible. Therefore, is it not disobedience to hold services when the Government has called for a lock down to flatten the curve? Doesn’t that qualify as a sin?

The essence of this is to remind you to do your part in stopping the spread of Covid19. Even more to help put your mind more at ease when you observe the precautionary measures put in place. Corona virus is real. Let no one tell you otherwise. We are faced with a tough situation and as such, this is not a holiday. Stop acting like it’s a time to bond with your neighbors and remain in your apartment.

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