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Leave 2018 Inspired by These Creative Instagram Accounts

Every now and again, I stumble on new Instagram accounts. Whether I follow the account is highly dependent on what the user has to offer. For me, I look out for accounts that are beneficial to my career as a social media manager, a blogger and a digital media consultant. I also look out for Instagram accounts with useful life tips that cuts across different aspects of our lifestyle from beauty to fashion, inspirational quotes and more.

Based on the above, I have followed a few accounts these past couple of months. These accounts are not just creative with what they do but most of them have a loyal tribe of followers. Some of them help your businesses and your life in general with contents and live sessions that are very educative.

For the purpose of this article, I will mention 7 of these Instagram accounts, stating their Unique Selling Points (USP).


I follow @atribecalledena because of the many amazing offers that the curators are constantly putting out for creatives. It supports the hustle of their community members by sharing their works and connecting them to opportunities.


This was a recent find. @hilarysays is an online skincare store. However, it does more than selling with its Instagram page. The account manager understands the 80/20 rule of content marketing. She is a certified cosmetic scientist which means she has an indepth knowledge on the science of the skin. I guess that stands her out in what she does. If you have some skin problems and need some answers, you may want to check her page and then reach out to her.


The page was created by Nelly Agbogu to help small businesses grow. She gives out Instagram tips on her page and known to advertise small businesses for free or for a small fee.


If you are very particular about aesthetics which you should be. With the curremt Instagram algorithm and rules, your page needs to be aesthetically appealing to attract your ideal customers and keep them drooling. Hence, if you need a quick pick me up on apps that can do some fancy things that you see bloggers and creatives do, @thedigitalthinker is your plug!


I follow @triciabiz for her Wednesday live sessions. As a business owner, I beg you to tune in every Wednesday by 9pm. She shares somethings that could really help your business. The last session was on action plans for 2019.


Ever heard of the follow for follow train? @hustlersquare is where it is happening in a really large volume. Businesses are constantly trying to grow their accounts on that page. The efficacy of this and other tips and tricks to growing your Instagram accounts organically will be taught at our WhatsApp class on social media management. If you haven’t joined the class yet, you can still do so by clicking HERE.


You didn’t think we were going to finish this list without a mention of our amazing page which houses the best lifestyle contents. The next couple of days is about to be super exciting with our anniversary being 5days away. Follow @sotectonic today, turn on post notification and wait for all that is to come.

What are your go to Instagram accounts? Please share in the comment section.

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