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Crinoline skirts- How To Make A Ball Gown Fuller (including wedding gown)

Just before the wedding, I made a trip to Paris. While there, a friend suggested that we head out to check out some wedding gowns. Though I did not find what I wanted that was within my price point, I did gather a few tips. One of which was how to achieve a fuller ball gown using a Crinoline skirt.

I had just spotted a beautiful ball gown in one of the bridal stores and decided to go in to make some enquiries. Though the dress wasn’t my size, the store attendant proposed that I try it on and if I loved it, she could work on getting one in my size. However, when she brought the dress, it was flatter compared to what I had seen on the mannequin. This got me concerned because what I want is a ball gown. Mr. JON convinced me to still try it on and that was how I discovered that what made the ball gown pop was actually an undergarment called a crinoline skirt.



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What is Crinoline Skirt?

A crinoline skirt is a piece of undergarment. As the definition states, it is worn under the outfit be it a gown or a skirt, and adds volume to the outfit. It is made of crinoline fabric which is different from a tulle.

Though crinoline skirts can be sewn to the actual outfit, having them as a separate piece makes for versatility. That way, you can wear your outfit the way it is made or, use the crinoline skirt to expand the ball gown. They also come in different sizes. So, you can decide what volume you wish is best for you.

My wedding gown had some form of netting or tulle underneath which made it a ball gown by itself. However, I did give it some structure by wearing a crinoline skirt.

What makes it different from a tulle?

A tulle is a soft fabric and requires layers to make a ball gown. It can also be worn on the outside. Crinoline on the other hand is an undergarment and it gives structure to an outfit.

Now that you know about the crinoline skirts, I guess you can go ahead and shop that gown you love but isn’t as full as you desire. At least, you now know the trick to achieving a fuller ball gown  or how to make wedding gown fuller.

Disclaimer: This post was updated on the 3rd of June, 2021

Oma Ehiri

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