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The Crotchet Hair Trend

We have been taught to manipulate our tresses less to prevent split ends, hair thinning, hair breakage and to ultimately enjoy healthy hair growth. To achieve this, one needs to do some sort of protective styling. One protective style that has become really popular in recent times is the crotchet hair trend.

Crotchet in the hair industry is used to refer to a type of hair installation and the weaves designed for such styling. It is best achieved with a pin or needle which takes the shape of a hook while the hair extensions are loosely packed together as opposed to having wefts or clips. Below is a short video of Kiitana installing a crotchet hair extension.

These extensions can either be directly installed to the head or made as a wig and in some cases, people use in hair wraps and the likes as you will get to see soon. Ever since I discovered the crotchet hair trend, it has become one of my favourite for many reasons. Some of which include;

  • It is cheaper than the regular hair extension.
  • It allows me to enjoy versatility of installation and hair styling.
  • Some of the crotchet extensions tend to blend better with my natural hair.
  • It saves me a lot of time that could have been spent. For instance, the crotchet braids allows me to wear braids without having to spend so much time in the salon or even tugging hard at my edges.

There are so many crotchet hair extensions as I mentioned earlier but here are my current favourites;

Definition Braids and Definition Blowout

Oma Ehiri wearring definition braids

2 packs of Definition blow out.

This is by far the best of all my crotchet extensions because it is the most versatile. It is a straight extension that is about 60inches in length. It can be worn in loosely, as a braid, Ghana weaving or even used for a hair wrap. Many natural hair salons use this for their bridal hair styling because of how it blends with the natural hair and the beauty of its manageability. I have been hooked on this hair since last year and I have worn in different ways. Recently reused the extension that I used during the AMVCA and from the picture on Instagram, you can see that the hair was still intact. It costs way less than the human hair but very exciting to use that you could mistake its Kanekalon nature for human hair. It is hot water friendly as you can curl with hot water. You can blow dry and some people say they have tried tonging it as well. I have done direct installation but NappyNigerian had hers done as a wig which was equally beautiful. The hair is available in color 1, 1b, 27, 30 and 99J.

Afro Kinky Bulk

Afro Kinky Bulk

Photography by Crystal Studios (@damilarekareem)

This hair I hear has gone out of stock almost as soon as it came in. It is afro kinky that is soft to touch and beautiful to the eyes. I had mine made as a wig and the lady who made them actually named the collection after me. Thank you Beauvonne for that gesture. With less than 5,000 Naira which is the cost of one pack, you get a fro this big. At the moment, the company says that they do have something similar but more expensive as that is completely human hair plus you will need to use at least 2packs to achieve what I have with one pack. Congrats to all those who copped Wig Oma!

Afri Mali Bob

Shot on Infinix Hot S

Close in texture to Afro Kinky Bulk is the Afri Mali Bob. Though the pack is not as full as the Afro Kinky Bulk, the hair is just as soft. The curls are also slightly different but just as beautiful.

Bohemian soft water wave

bohemian curls

Selfie with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

This is my new found love. I love Bohemian hair and now, I can have what I love in many colours because it is way cheaper than the human hair bohemian curls but very soft and easy to manage. The best decision that I made was to have mine done as a wig in colour 1b/bug and color P27/30. It is also available in black and color 1b/27.

Cubic Twist


Image via Pinterest

Remember when I spoke of braids, this is one hair that I love in that range. It is called cubic twist because you can unravel to rock in 3 different ways . I had mine done in purple and still have the hair with me which I hope to reuse soon. It is available in other colors but I wanted different and purple was it for me.

All of the hair extensions are available on

Which of these looks have you tried?

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