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DAPMOD…. Cool Fashion For Everyone?

2015-05-13 16.11.04Huge sucker for sunglasses? Then you should read through this piece to the very end. Why? Cos I recently purchased a pair of glasses from the Dapmod brand and in here, I give you a teeny weeny bit of my experience from order to delivery and my thoughts on the shades now in my hands.

Delivery: Hmmmm….. I am not sure you want to hear the full details on this one but all I can say is, they could have done better and taken their clients more seriously. However, I will advise that if you need to purchase any Dapmod glasses, simply order through oneof their representatives, Tobi and you can reach her via bbm on 5696C23F. She is very professional, efficient and makes your orders her business.

2015-05-13 16.03.52

forgive the mess. I wasn’t patient enough to get the wrap out neatly

Package: To ensure that the product does not go bad,  the company made sure to get it together in a lot of materials and clearly wrote something about the package being fragile so that the bearer could handle carefully.

2015-05-13 16.04.46I like the white and black pack but it is paper and so, there is no way in this world that can serve as a carrier pack for the glasses. So, it would be more fancy if Dapmod could get a carrier case with the same inscription on the pack and bold like that. It would make us feel extra cool.

2015-05-13 16.05.46Design: I don’t know if this particular glasses has a name but I will simply say it is geometrical because of the shapes on it.

2015-05-13 16.02.22Recommendation: I will need to wear for a couple of months to be able to say how durable it will be. However, it is a fancy piece that everyone should want to own. I like it more because I am a lover of prints and this seems like it. I hope to order a few more or maybe just one more like say one with the cat eyes. I would have to wear this on Saturday especially since I will be out in the sun at the Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2015 street catwalk.

We do have tickets to the AFWN2015 to giveaway. So, stay tuned to our platforms particularly our Facebook page.

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