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Day 10 of SoTectonic Christmas Gifts- Bracelets from Gleemah Fashion World

And on the 10th Day, SoTectonic got a gift of a bracelet from Gleemah Fashion World for one lucky member of its online community *lol*. But first, congratulations to Dee Bliz as you won the Day 9 gift of a custom made bracelet from Timi Bracelets. Screenshot (5)

Today, we have another bracelet from Gleemah Fashion World. It comes in 3 variants- gold, silver and let’s call the 3rd one bronze.

Task: Just tell us which of the 3 colours you will like.

Entries close at 12midnight Nigerian time and multiple entries are considered invalid.

The winner of the gift will be selected via the random name picker powered by Mini Web Tool.

If you are yet to join the mailing list, then you are about to miss something big coming from our team lead as that announcement on the special goodie she got for some one or some people, will be made via our mailing list. So, join the community today and we promise not to spam you.


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