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Day 12 of SoTectonic Christmas Gifts- Skin care products

It’s that time of the week when everyone seeks to put in the extra to look absolutely gorgeous. To do so, the first step is to make sure that you have good skincare regime. Our beauty column has emphasised this HERE. To help you with your skincare goals, our team lead has been magnanimous to share some of her sleek skin care products with you.

For Day 12, we are giving out the Day Time Protection which has SPF 30, the foaming facial cleanser and the exfoliating night cream, all products of Sleek Studio.

To be the one that gets this gift, tell us the why anyone should need a product that contains SPF.

Entries become invalid by 12 midnight and same applies to multiple entries.

Though we could not post the gift for Day 11 on the blog, we did the competition on Instagram. The winner is @ArabyLaide while the winner of Day 10 is Vivian. Both winners have been asked to contact us while we get ready to send out all other gifts. We are so happy to know that we have readers from all over the country and even beyond. A quick look at the location of some of the previous winners.

Day 1- Timi Sanya- Abeokuta

Day 3- Florence Anyansi- Lagos

Day 4- Hope- Kaduna

Day 5- Seyi- Ibadan

Day 6- Tosin- Ibadan

Day 7- Peace- Kaduna

Day 8- @mercyinem- Abuja

Day 10- Vivian- Lagos

We will definitely reach out to everyone and we appreciate your love and support!



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