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Day 2 of the SoTectonic Christmas Gifts- Dickies Belt

Day 1 of the SoTectonic Christmas Gifts was quite an interesting one as we asked you to form words from ‘Sekinah Shoe Gallery’. From the entries we got, we are pleased to announce that Sanya Timi is the winner of the size 9 brown shoe from Sekinah Shoe Gallery. You can purchase that shoe and other shoes and clutches from their store and the address is available HERE.

Today, we are giving out a 2 in 1 Dickies belt. That means, it can be worn as a black belt or as a brown belt. It is completely reversible.

To be the one to get this belt, all you have to do is form words from ‘Dickies’.

Remember that you are entitled to just one entry and that means that, your words must be formed in just one comment spaced with a comma. To get an idea of what this means, see the entries from yesterday HERE.

All the best!


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