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Day Out With The Guerlain Team

Earlier in the week, I had mentioned that I would be hanging out with the Guerlain team, shoppers and visitors at Palms shopping complex yesterday and I did. It was so much fun for me meeting the beautiful and energetic ladies but particularly, the head of marketing, Vivienne Ndukwe.

Without mincing words, Vivienne is by far the most endearing woman I have met. She is a determined and strong career woman with a large heart full of love for all. I learnt so much by being with her and I can confirm to you that I have made not just an awesome partner but a friend who will add value to my life and inspire me on my journey to greatness.
I got introduced to the various fragrances which Guerlain stocks at Essenza, one of which is contained in my goody bag courtesy Guerlain. It is called Shalimar. I will be doing an extensive review of of it and other goodies in due time.
I got to take pictures with the team and a few of their customers.
Guess who stopped by the stand…….
 The winner of the Gulder Ultimate Search Season 7, Oyekunle, Oluwaremi. He came in the company of his friend and one of the Guerlain ladies described him as an ideal man.
To be an ideal man, you need to be handsome, strong and smart.
So, do you think Oyekunle fits the description?
An ideal man sure loves the smell of the L’homme Ideal fragrance for men
He got the Guerlain L’Homme Ideal fragrance for men and went home with our goody bag.
Also, the online writer at Genevieve Magazine, Shade Onakoya, stopped by…..
I left the team when evening called as I had to go to the Lagos Fashion And Design Week. When I was leaving, I got gifted with a powder, mascara, kajal, fragrance and a makeup bag which had a gloss, body milk and an eye serum. All of these which cost over 50,000 Naira. I am so grateful to this brand for making my makeup bag ask for a replacement as all this can no longer fit in.Now, I have officially been initiated into the luxurious club *wink*
Guerlain is a luxury brand owned by the French. The products may sound pricey but they are worth every penny you buy. They are presently at the Palms giving away lots of goodies to their customers which ends today. However, their products are still very much on sale at the Essenza stores but the make up items can only be purchased at the Essenza store in Ikeja and Abuja.
For more details on the brand, kindly send me an email and I will be more than willing to assist. Guerlain has got my attention with their packaging and attention to details evident in all their products. Visit the stores and buy yourself and others lots of goodies courtesy Guerlain. Right now, the band is promoting their Ideal L’Homme fragrance for men.
The Ideal Man Contest on the blog came to an end on Saturday at noon and I am quite displeased at the amount of people that entered for the contest as I was really looking forward to rewarding your efforts. After an intense meeting with my sponsors yesterday, we decided to give you all another chance some other time. Thus, we will be having just one winner and a runner up. All those that participated will be given consolation prizes by me. The winner gets goodies worth over 30,000 Naira and I am not exaggerating. The perfume alone cost 15,800 Naira.
To this extent, I hereby announce Esther Sanda as the winner of this contest. Not because she entered the competition first but for making her ideal man visible by posting us a picture of him on instagram. Her description of her ideal man and the manner in which she spoke of him is one that endears us to him.
The runner up is Eedas House. Eedas made the contest visible by posting the flyer of the contest on her instagram page, followed me on Google Plus and on the blog and also, describing her ideal man on 2 platforms.
We do appreciate your hardwork Esther and Eedas House and hope that you will continue to tell people about Guerlain. Please do pick up your win on or before Saturday the 8thof November, 2014. To Roseline and Chinasa, I have something for you too. All of you need to send me an email to ijehiri@gmail.comwith your full names and phone number.
Have a blessed Sunday and enjoy the rest of the pictures from our fun day out!

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