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Day2 at the Health Journalists Academy

Yesterday was a very long one at the Health Journalists Academy. First, I had to be up like now to schedule a lot of activities yesterday and write a lot of articles as well as edit some. So, it was more like an early start that ended late.

Breakfast was served yesterday at the hotel but due to personal reasons, I didn’t get to eat that including tea break at school but sipped on my tea until lunch time when I had fried rice, plantain with chicken sauce. Oops, I forgot to mention that I was in my Veba full skirt made by Tohfunmee which I complemented with a black shirt. Today is the official launch of the Academy and I am having a little wardrobe malfunction but I trust that my style sense will figure something out *lol*

Classes yesterday were on ‘Critical Thinking’, ‘Structure of News Reporting’, ‘Context and Purpose of News Reporting’ and ‘The Writing Process in Reporting’. Our lecturers were the dean, Dr. Josef Bel-Molokwu, Dr. Isah Momoh and Mr. Ikeddy Isiguzo. They were very amazing with their styles and I am swelling with knowledge waiting to completely explode after this program. I urge you to follow @twmagazineng and @sotectonic on Twitter for snippets after this program. 20150902_150118 20150902_091026 20150902_133303

After classes, we set out on a little over 20 minutes drive to Epe resort and spa where we had a rather relaxing meeting with the representatives of Roche. Now, that resort has a good ambience. That is story for another day but I hope I can go there again but this time, I will be lodging to fully experience the place. IMG_20150902_180833

At the meeting we got to know the plans that Roche has for us, why they organized the training and I never even knew that we were the pioneers of something as big as this. Something that is geared to empower me so that I can in turn use the power of the media to empower others. Like the media campaigns during the Ebola period? That’s what I am talking about. So, expect lots of health related articles once this training is over and I am settled. IMG_20150902_192641

After all the introductions, discussions and small chops, we headed out for the hotel which is about an hour’s drive from the resort. Dinner was ready and I went for Plantain, moinmoin and beef but could only eat the moinmoin and nibbled on the beef. I will need a few weeks to shed a few weight when I get back from this Academy. Roche, Quadrant and SMC, Pan-Atlantic University are determined to increase my size *smiles*. I must thank them for taking very good care of us. 20150902_205506

Today is more of the health stuff as I see from my itenary and departure time is 7:45am. So, I have to end this here and begin a few other writings as I must be up by 7am to get ready. If you have any inquiries, just drop your comments and I will get sometime to respond to all your questions.

Before I go, I will like to wish the Ebony Life presenter and producer whom I love so much and admire, Arit Okpo, a happy birthday!

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