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Defining Beauty From Different Eyes


‘Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’, said many. On our social media accounts, we asked our followers how they see and define beauty and we got some inspiring insights into beauty. Many of them actually admit that beauty isn’t really about the physical but what you possess inside of you.

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Beauty is not the skin you possess but the character you exude from inside which radiates the lives of many around you and beyond. Be comfortable in whatever skin you have- Oma




Beauty means being happy with who you are, not minding the color of your skin and shape, loving yourself in and out, appreciating what you have and, staying true to one’s self- Tolami


Screenshot_2015-04-20-13-20-23-1All shades are beautiful. People should appreciate what they were blessed with because God never makes a mistake. I guess the media has a part to play in helping people appreciate their skin colour. We need roles and jobs that are not skin-based- David



2015-04-20 17.17.15


Beauty is more of the inner person and not the external features. Being beautiful facially and black at heart isn’t beauty- Nkechi

Beauty is intelligence- WinifredScreenshot_2015-04-20-13-14-57-1




Beauty is a combination of one’s attitude, intelligence and confidence- Oluwaleye Screenshot_2015-04-20-13-15-27-1




Screenshot_2015-04-20-13-15-58-1Beauty is being confident of who you are and not ashamed to stand out- Efunnuga




Screenshot_2015-04-20-13-16-32-1Beauty is being selfless inside and outside- Minstrel




Screenshot_2015-04-20-13-17-34-1Beauty is the ability to stand out in every aspect- Kemmie





What does beauty mean to you?

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