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Debunking the Myth of Success

Success is a pretty relative term. Some have been made to believe that success has to look a certain way. Well, let’s debunk that myth for a moment.

When I started this year, I was ready to make some major success moves.

I had been planning actively since October and I felt that once January came, it will be an uninterrupted flow of activities. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. I needed to build a team, but I wasn’t going to pick anyone out of desperation. It had to be a team of like-minded individuals, ready to do the work and even more, passionate about the vision that I had. There was also the need to archive content from our Instagram page to reflect something new. Then, the new logo which was key as I am a strong believer in identity. We already have the new logo reflecting when you try to sign up, but we are yet to officially launch. If you want to see what it looks like, click HERE. It is the first thing that meets you. Don’t stop there though, put in your email address and join the mailing

Any way, we finally hired some new hands in time for February but as you can guess, the logo was still not ready. That logo is what determines a lot of other templates that we get to use because that is how you come up with the brand color and the official hex code for the brand’s graphic designs. You can see how that stalled a lot of other creative processes which for me is how I measure the success at my goals. Not forgetting that we do a lot of other things like managing people’s social media accounts. This meant that we needed some sort of structure. We tried to put that in place when ASUU called off the strike, the intern on the team had to go back to school and the search for a new replacement structure

It felt like a drag and it really got me worried until the last Friday in the month of February.

I was having a brain storm session with the team about our new month reflections for March. Then it hit me, ‘you haven’t been stuck darling. You just haven’t gotten it right’. What seems to be a delay was only a challenge that I needed to face head on and get rid of it. It was not a time to be depressed or feel like I was not making progress because with each passing day that ‘drags’ by, I was constantly moving. Whether it took me back to the start line or midway, I wasn’t just standing with my arms akimbo. I was trying to rectify the issues. I was taking into account the ‘failure’ and ensuring that we found a way to make things better.

You ever heard people tease around and say, ‘January was rehearsal but February is go time’?

Now for some, January and February is actually the rehearsal and March is the go time. Interestingly, for some, it could be the whole year depending on the project at hand, the challenges that come with it and the available resources. Infact, some rehearsals are seasonal. Those who want summer bodies use Spring to consume all that unhealthy junk. In winter, they are trying to shed it all. If there is something that remains constant with my analysis, it is the fact that there is a MARCH going on.

Things may not always go as you have planned but getting discouraged and giving up should never be an option.

Remember that video on audit which we published in the new year, go back to it, watch and learn. Let that video be a constant reminder that every time in your life is an opportunity to carry out a life audit. This allows for you to see where you are, what went wrong and what you can do better.

Tectonic, keep pushing. Keep doing you. You are the CEO of your space. So, set your standards and move at your own pace. Get inspired by everyone around you because the one before you is where you want to be and the one behind you is a reminder that you, my friend, do not wish to go back there. Keep MARCHING on!success quotes

If you have any challenges that you will like clarity on, please share with us in the comment section. I am also available via my email address which is I cannot wait to hear from you!

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