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Denola Grey Becomes the New Face of Fenty Beauty

Exciting news in the world of beauty and fashion! Nigerian model, actor, and digital content creator, Denola Grey, has recently been announced as one of the fresh faces of Fenty Beauty, Rihanna’s renowned beauty brand.

In a groundbreaking move, Fenty Beauty decided to discover new talents beyond traditional modeling agencies. After receiving an overwhelming number of entries, Denola stood out among the crowd and secured a spot as one of the selected individuals to represent the brand.

Alongside fellow winners Nicky, Christian, Sahara, Maxine, Kez, and Priscilla, Denola Grey joins the prestigious ranks of Fenty Beauty’s lineup, bringing their unique style and presence to the forefront.

This exciting partnership between Denola Grey and Fenty Beauty promises a fusion of creativity and beauty like never before.

See official announcement

Congratulations to Denola Grey on this remarkable achievement! We look forward to witnessing the incredible journey ahead as Denola captivates the world of beauty with Fenty Beauty.

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