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Denola Grey on How To Grant A Good red Carpet Interview

Fashion week starts in a few days and that means, someone who is reading this may be having a moment with the fashion journalists and bloggers on the red carpet. Thankfully, we did catch up with Denola Grey’s red carpet interview at the Headies where he shared tips on how to grant a good red carpet interview;

How to Grant a Good Red Carpet Interview

Be confident:

Nothing beats a fashionable lady or gentleman who exudes confidence. Don’t you ever wonder how people come out in what you may consider to be ridiculous or overboard but yet, it looks all too nice that everyone is talking about it? Their secret is confidence.

Know who you are wearing:

I hear it is totally unacceptable not to know who you are wearing on the red carpet. Now, that I think of it, they are right. If you are going to be attending a red carpet event, one question that gets asked is who you are wearing. Saying that you don’t know who you are wearing can be perceived to mean that you do not wish to credit who you are wearing or, you are not proud of who you are wearing.

Make sure the fit is right:

Fittings, fittings, fittings! Fashion week is not the time to be caught in any wardrobe malfunction. If the paparazzi catches you, you may be trending on social media for a really long time and, not in a good way.

Don’t pull at your outfit:

Denola mentioned that pulling at your outfit means that you are not comfortable with what you are wearing. This defeats the first point of exuding confidence.

Don’t rush through your interview features:

If you caught the attention of the fashion journalist, you might as well take your time to answer every question that you are asked. Do not be in a hurry. If they feel like you need to be rushed, then, they might as well stop asking you questions.

Have a good time:

That is the best part of it all. You are out in an attire that you love. That means, you already feel good. So, let that show on the red carpet.

Like Denola said in his interview, do have a good time because, in the end, we will all be alright.

Will you be attending Fashion Week?

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