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Natural And Organic Skincare Products

The goal is to help you better understand the difference between natural and organic skincare products.

Natural and organic are two words that are used to describe a number of skincare products. Whilst people tend to gravitate towards these products under the assumption that they contain no chemicals, our recent research shows that this may not be the case. In other words, there is a difference between natural and organic skincare products.

What then is the difference between Natural and Organic Skincare Products?

Natural products means that the product has a natural element to it but could have undergone a chemical process. This means that though a product has the label natural, it means very little and has no legal backing to it. On the other hand, organic skincare products are actually certified by a body, duly recognised by the Government. In the US, there is the USDA and in Europe, we have BIO. In Africa, I cannot say if we have a body that certifies if these products are natural or organic. Therefore, it is difficult to tell if the products with labels such as organic are actually organic or simply natural.

Usually, this may not exactly have an effect on the potency of the product but it is key that consumers are well aware of what they are putting on their skin. Organic means that no pesticide or chemical hormones were used starting from the time the product was grown. This may seem quite difficult which means that manufacturers may gravitate towards naturally grown products as they are also cheaper. The same we discovered is true for skincare products that are organic.

Skincare products are a huge deal for me. My skin is sensitive and has suffered greatly from acne. Therefore, I am very particular about the contents of any product that goes on to my skin. I have used natural products and still do without any form of irritation to my skin. This means, natural products are not bad but it is imperative to note that there is a difference. For more on the subject matter, click HERE or watch the video below;

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