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Over a Dozen Valentine Gift Options For You or Your Lover!

Call it cheesy but Valentine gift is actually a thing. This is because valentine’s Day is one of the biggest holidays in the world. With this comes the spree of gifting which I am a fan of. Actually, I do gift myself a lot. It is my way of motivating myself. That is why I have gone out in search of some lifestyle products and services that you could give yourself this Valentine’s Day but, also think of gifting someone in the process.

A box of fabrics by VEBA

a box of ankara fabrics

IG Handle: @vebafashion

Who knew that prints could be this beautiful? Well, these are not just any prints but digital prints on brocade made with 100% Egyptian cotton. This is the type of fabric you should be gifting your loved ones. Something that will not fade and is actually very limited. It can be used for any design at all. The company has a store at 386 Muritala Mohammed Way, Yaba, Lagos with an in house designer to help with your fabric selection and can even help you make it. Don’t say I did nothing for you.

Crochet hair extension by ST Hair & Beauty

spring twists

IG handle: @sthairandbeauty

Time is very valuable and in 2019, Tricia has asked us to reduce whatever it is that is time wasting. That includes hair installations. This is why we recommend that you get yourself a premium crochet hair extension or get a voucher for your loved one as a Valentine gift. That way, they can get to pick whatever hair that they want from ST Hair & Beauty at any time that they want. The brand is currently running a sale which we urge you to take advantage of before the 20th of February, 2019. To see their catalogue, visit STORE and you can send a WhatsApp message to 08158942776.

Content and Page Management Training Voucher by SoTectonic

content and page management training

IG handle: @sotectonic

Knowledge is power and in 2019, only those who acquire sufficient knowledge will make money. I have attended lots of trainings which I am constantly applying in my business. When it comes to content and page management, this is what every business owner needs to position their brand online. Hence why we thought it will make for a great Valentine gift for either you or your loved one. The voucher ccost 10,000 Naira and gives the owner access to a 3day class with 27 post training assistance by the SoTectonic team. To register, kindly fill this form and get started.

Customised gift box by Abal Perfumes

perfume oil and diffuser by abal perfumes

IG Handle: @abalperfumes

This gift box contains 2 perfume oils and a reed diffuser. The content of the gift box can be customized for you or your lover if it is a gift. To get this particular one as a Valentine gift, it will cost you N24,000 and you can call +2348090903343 to order or even get the customized one.

Perfume oil by chandorascent

perfume oil

IG handle: @chandorascent

This is 100% undiluted perfume oil. It can be used as a moisturizer for the skin or as an air freshner for your home or office. Chandorascent has a whole sale package for as low as 40,000 naira. Do take advantage of it by calling 08033444290

Fit Bit by Ye’low Orchid

fit bead in lagos

IG Handle: @yeloworchid

This is an all-day health and fitness smart watch that not only helps to track your fitness goals, but also assists in your entertainment needs. If you are looking for a reason to get this, just know that your health is more important than the N13,000 which you will spend. You will be able to track your fitness goals and be in top shape. Ye’low Orchid is giving a N2000 discount off every fit bid you purchase as a Valentine gift. Discount code is VALwithST.  Call 09055513969 today!

Chocolate Brownies by A Slice of Heaven

chocolate brownies

IG handle: @sliceofheaven3

These brownies are made with 100% oat flour and 100% pure cocoa powder; no sugar and no butter. It is a great source of fiber which makes this snack a very filling, slow digesting carbohydrate.  From what we read, it helps control mindless snacking thereby aiding weight loss It is also a great source of protein, helps in lowering cholesterol levels, improves cognitive function and so much more. For those of us looking to stay healthy this year, or if you will like to encourage someone in their fitness journey, then call 08162254450 for a slice of heaven’s chocolate brownies. The brand currently has a promo- for 5000 Naira, you get a box of 3 brownies, a mug, pineapple Zobo, and chicken wrap.

Cake topper by Craftycle

Valentine cake toppers

IG handle: @craftycle

You could have anything on those toppers. It could be a gentle reminder to yourself or an affirmation. I would like to get something like You Are Enough as a topper on my cake. Good thing is that it saves the baker a lot more designing time. Very efficient if you ask me. For N1500, it is totally worth it. Reach out to Craftycle on 08126563654.

Obi Belt by Belts Haven

waist belt

IG handle: @belts_haven

Where are those looking to snatch their waist line? Obi belt is a strap belt that is worn around the waist and tied as a bow tie in front. It helps you create a waistline illusion thereby making your waist look smaller and accentuates your curve and outfit. To order, please contact the brand on 08034504935.

Tassle Earrings by Eso-Ara

tassle earrings

IG handle: @esoarang

Remember that the whole idea of this list is to give you something irrespective of your budget. In that quest, I found these tassle earrings. If you know me, you know that I am picky about earrings but fam, these ones caught my attention when the seller said they were non-irritant. They are made of silk threads which makes them lightweight and easy to wear. Eso-Ara is offering a N500 discount on them for a limited time only. All you have to do is call 08088939017 and use the code VALwithST.

Curls Keeper by Aya Olaide

curls keep hair product

IG handle: Ayaolaide_hair

If there is anything that troubles a woman about her hair extension, it is the ability to maintain it in the way that it came. Many a times, it seems easy with straight hair but with curls, the probability of tangling or losing the curls becomes higher. That is why Aya Olaide decided to introduce this curls keeper. It detangles and softens your hair extension, making it easy to maintain. According to the company, you can spray the product on double drawn hair extensions to make it super bouncy. This item cost 2000 Naira only and should you decide to get more than 5 pieces, you get a discount of 500 Naira on each piece. To order, please call or send a WhatsApp message to 09056024234 or 09021859382

Suede Red Pumps with mettalic heels by Colourmyfeet collection

suede pumps with mettalic heels

IG handle: @colourmyfeet

Looking for the ideal shoe to add to your collection or gift your loved one, then call 07033330891. The shoe is currently being sold for 10,000 Naira and for every purchase you get from the brand, you get a box of goodies. Valid only this Valentine season.

Vintage Pearl Bangle by Accessories by Seun

pearl bangle

IG handle: @accessoriesbyseun

Pearls are the oldest known gem and the perfect gift for any woman. For centuries, they have become priced possessions for even royalty and celebrities. That is why we have added this piece to the list as a Valentine gift. It’s a bangle that can be worn as an accessory on any casual outfit. Best part is, it is light weight and cost less. For 1500 Naira, this piece could be yours. Contact 07061529704 to order yours.

Face & Body repair Kit by Bodyquest International

face and body repair kit

IG handle: @bodyquest_int

The kit comprises of;

  • 2 body and face liquid gels for day & night
  • renew toner to balance yoru skin ph after cleansing
  • night serum
  • sesame seed oil
  • lemon essential oil

These products are targeted at reducing acne, blemishes, rashes, hyper pigmentation and spots. It also reduces the signs of ageing and fin elines. The serum helps with sun burns, eczema and a lot more. For more information, please contact 08021098913. You can also get more information from their website

Danshiki top by Azam Couture

danshiki top

IG Handle: @azamdesigns

Made from a 100%ankara with a touch of denim, the danshiki top can be worn on a skirt, jeggings, jeans. Not only is it chic, trendy, stylish and comfortable, it is suitable for all body types and even perfect for maternity. To order, call 08057190975. During this Valentine, you get 5% discount when you use the code VALwithST.

Perfumes for him and her by Kaykube V beauty

This is one of the most popular Valentine gift items to give your loved one this season. That is why we have partnered with this brand to bring you variety that you can choose from.

Mesmerize Red For Him
Mesmerize Red for him

An enthrallingly sensual combination of vibrant juniper berry, aromatic basil and captive musk.100ml.

Avon elite gentleman black EDT
Avon elite gentleman black EDT

An intense and elegantly woody scent diffused with aromatic spearmint, sensual French lavender and unique black vetiver to make you unforgettable. 75ml.

Full Speed
full speed

Full Speed Nitro brings a new and exclusive Avon technology, Nitro Bullet Accord, combining cool peppermint and warm amber woods to create an electrifying chain reaction of long-lasting freshness and energy. 75ml

Avon Luck Limitless for Her
Avon Luck Limitless for her

Avon Luck limitless for her EDP Sparkling starburst pomelo bursting with passion flower blossom and diamond amber. 50ml.Also available with body spray.

Avon Eve Elegance Deep
Avon Eve Elegance Deep

Avon EVe Elegance EDP-Let your elegance sparkle with this enchanting blend of luscious pomegranate, precious jasmine petals and the sensual aura of amberwood.

To order any of these, please contact +966509673229. You can also view more of their products on

Stainless steel alphabet jewlery set by Brideandmaidsfactory

jewellery set

IG handle: @brideandmaidsfactory

This Product is plated stainless steel in gold to give that shiny mirror surface. It is embellished with clear silver stones and comes in basically any letter of the English alphabet. The set consists of You get 1 gold necklace, the earrings (the first letter of whatever name you chose), 2 pendants (heart shape and a letter). The packaging is equally exceptional as it comes in a beautiful red velvet heart shaped box. To order, please call +2348052671710. They also deliver worldwide (delivery charges apply).

Valentine’s Hamper by Jadecrystalcrafts

valentine hamper

Ig handle: @jadecrystalcrafts

Who says hampers are for just Christmas?  Then you haven’t seen the Valentine hamper by Jadecrystalcrafts. There are 2 options;

  1. A bottle red wine, body spray, a piece of jewellery, buiscuits, chocolates, candy, a face towel and a personalised note.
  2. An alcoholic red wine, Arabian OUD, a pen, sweet things, Cufflinks, a mini card to personalize your love notes and a face towel.

Each hamper as a Valentine gift cost N8000 but when you buy 2, you pay N16,000. To order, call 08164075671.

Coconut flour by Sadas Coconut oil

coconut flour

IG handle: @sadascoconutoil

We are keen about this fit fam this year because we believe that health is wealth. Coconut flour is high in fiber, protein, and healthy fats. It is free from wheat and other grains and also low in sugar which makes it safe for diabetics. To order this as a Valentine gift, please contact 08110834794. Each kilogram cost 3000 Naira.

Chapman by Honey Drop Bar


IG handle: @honeydropbar

This is a Nigerian cocktail loved by everyone. It can be served at any event as it is the most requested cocktail. To order, please contact 08072227088 or 08022929613. For every 100 cups that you order, you get 20 cups free.

Compiling this list was fun as it is a very pratical list. It goes beyond Valentine season as most of these are things that we all need in our day to day life. If you found this list, helpful, please let us know in the comment section and if you are a business owner and will like to make it to our next list, please send an email to

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