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Dozzy Couture at the Veba fashion Show

Last weekend, we brought you some of the Asoebi inspired outfits spotted at the Veba Fashion Show. If you missed it, Read HERE.

Today is Man Crush Monday and we will like to celebrate one designer whose collection was strictly for the guys and he did an amazing job with the Mystic lines by Veba.

Speaking to the Creative Director of Dozzy Coture, he called the capsule collection, ‘Ecletic’.

How Ecletic were his designs? Find out below:Veba Launch-55Veba Launch-52 Veba Launch-65 Veba Launch-61 Veba Launch-58 Veba Launch-48Veba Launch-72

Dozzy Couture is a Nigerian Fashion Designer who has shown his works on a number of runways. The fabrics which he used for his designs can be purchased at 386 Muritala Mohammed way in Yaba. If you will like for him to make the designs for you in a colour match of your choice, kindly speak with the sales representative in the Veba Show room and they will hook you up. We also have the outfits that you see on the runway for sale.

Photo Credit:

Ari Labadi


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