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Drinks and Food To Bring To A Protest

Here is why alcohol is a bad idea for a protest and a list of what you should be consuming.

The protest calling for the Government to #endsars is still going strong. Several attempts have been made by the Government to stifle the protest. Notwithstanding, Nigerian youths have never been more determined than they are now. In the midst of this, we have had some casualties which is why we shared a few tips to keep you safe here. We did leave something out though- Drinks and Food to bring to a protest

A few individuals and brands have taken it upon themselves to provide protesters with food and drinks. From the tweets, it looks like almost every meal has been on the menu. However, this is for those who will like to provide their own food. In the end, one can never really be so careful. Also, rumours have it that some people have contemplated taking alcohol during the protest, an action that could really jeopardise the protest.

Here is why you shouldn’t be drinking alcohol during the protest.

You really need to stay calm and focused on the cause. You don’t want to start misbehaving under the influence of anything including drugs and alcohol. You also need to be alert should there is an emergency and you need to act. You don’t want to get caught for fighting under the influence because the people won’t be using the money they have raised for other causes to bail you out.

Drinks and Food To Bring To A Protest


Crackers, cookies, candies, chocolate bars, cheese balls, nuts etc. They contain fiber and protein. You also want a bit of sugar for energy and sweetness in your mouth as you protest and these are the pleasures snacks bring.

Fruits:bowl of fresh avocado

Apple, orange, Banana, Carrots, Grapes, etc. Fruits are high in vitamin contents, asides this, they are also easily packed and carried and so do not offer any form of inconvenience.

Smoothies:smoothie in a bottle

This is another way to get your fruits in. The fibre is always very filling and equally healthy.

Boiled eggs:boiled eggs

Eggs contain vitamin D and B-12, you can boil it from your house and bring it along to the protest grounds. Throw one into your mouth intermittently as you protest, no one would really ask you why.

Carbonated drinks:carbonated drinks

Sometimes, your taste buds may need something sweet. You could pack some of these. There may also be some vendors hawking some.

Fried beef, fish or chicken:fried turkey and ketchup

You can take these along in small coolers, or even nylons. You can also spice them up with mild pepper to eat as you protest. They quickly feel you up not to talk of their great taste. You need light yet filling foods on protests, these are great options.

Water:water in bottles

If there is one drink you need, it is water. Irrespective of the drink that you take, you will still need water at some point. It will help keep you hydrated and fresh.



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