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Easy Taxi, fulfilling all your ride needs (Review)

A few days back, I got a call asking me to come into Easy Taxi office for a better understanding of what this Taxi platform is all about. If you read my article on TechCity, you can get a feel of what Easy Taxi offers but today, I wish to reiterate more and give you an overview of my experience riding with them.

The first step was downloading the app and for me, I only did so because I was told that I could pay with cash when I get to my destination. This is because I am still one of those Nigerians who are particular about filling details of their cards online so frequently. I do that with a few online platforms but limit it as much as I can. So, this is a plus for Easy Taxi. Allowing you to pay by cash, card or through a banking code available with Access Bank.

As soon as you download the app and fill a very short form, just activate your location icon on your device. The app locates where you are and then you fill in your destination while the app does a quick search for the first available ride closest to you.

The app shows you the details about the driver, his face, his number and his car type as well as his plate number. So, you can take a screenshot of that and send it to your family for security purposes.

Should you feel like the estimated arrival time is too long, you can cancel the ride. You can call the driver to be sure or the driver could even call you as was my case. And guess what? The drivers are very professional and extremely polite. When I sought to find out why, I was told that the company actually trains its drivers despite the fact that they do not own these cars but, for any driver that chooses to sign up with Easy Taxi, you must undergo a training and stay on a certain probation period.

Now, the car that I got wasn’t a yellow cab. So, it could have passed as my personal ride and driver. Very clean, well airconditioned and the music was light and cool to my taste not like some taxis that play loud music, hum along and don’t care if the customer needs some thinking space.

What Easy Taxi is teaching Nigerians is that Taxi driving is a dignifying job and thus, the drivers need to carry themselves in that manner and express their freedom while enjoying dignity of labour. So, you enjoy the independence of owning your car and deciding how hard you work but also get respect from the clients.
As a corporate organization, you can also register with Easy Taxi and pay as a company for all of your staff that has to ride with Easy Taxi to any of their official assignments. This will help for accountability and you also pay at the end of the month. I really would love to be on this platform considering that I have to be on the roads late at night and I just need to be sure that the taxi taking me home is trackable.

I had a good ride with Easy Taxi and my driver for the day was Mr. Collins. But here is the better news, I will be riding Easy Taxi for many of my important meetings and particularly as I get ready for the launch of Veba’s new collection on the 18th of October, 2015.

Have you tried Easy Taxi? If you have, let us know what you think and if you haven’t, sweetie, download the app.

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