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A Few of My Favourite Content on CassieDaves

I know that I should be resting and trying to get refreshed but as a content creator, it is sometimes difficult to shut out the internet as there is a constant craving to research, create and just keep expanding your knowledge base. That is the only way you can stay relevant in this over saturated industry. Hence, I have been doing quite a lot of researching and that includes peeking into the blogs of some of my colleagues. One of which is CassieDaves, a lifestyle blog by Cassie Daves.

I used to think that Cassie’s blog was really about fashion but as I went through the platform, I did discover a lot that could be beneficial to other content creators. Here are a few of them;

5 Apps to Enhance and Take Your Instastories To the Next level

In this blog post, Cassie highlights some of the apps that could help you become one of the cool Instagram kids with stories that pop. If you didn’t know, your story helps with your engagement and with the whole algorithm thing, you need to get on it. I am thinking of spending this time off to create most of the contents that I will like to go on Instastory using Canva which is one of the apps that Cassie mentions. Since I already use that for a few things and it is free, I guess it is time to maximise it.

Four Tips to Curate The Perfect Instagram Feed

Each day, Instagram keeps getting more difficult to comprehend but if you are armed with the basics, then you can keep learning and navigating through. This content will arm you with that basics. I am still trying to figure out my personal Instagram layout considering that I am bored of the current one. I guess that is all the motivation that I need to get on it.

What’s in My Blogging Kit – All My Blog Tools/Gears + First Look At 2018 Cassie Daves Blog Planner

Recently, my DM seems to be popping with questions from people wanting to get blogging tips as they are looking to start theirs and will like to get some expert opinion. This content by Cassie can really help you through that first stage of blogging. It tells you some of the things that you need to create content and even the apps that will help. I just downloaded the image resizer after reading this post as photoshop used to be my go to for image resizing.

Five Easy Ways to Refresh and Update Your Blog for The New Year

Just before you throw your hands in the air and give up on the blogging world, consider reading this. It could just give you an idea of something that you may need to change your content creating game. Like she mentioned in this post, every blogger needs to find out how their blog is doing. For me, I want to stay committed to creating an editorial calendar that I can stick to and give it my all.

New In – My Latest Skin Care and Beauty Additions + A Shea Moisture Giveaway.

Did you know that reading other blogs can inspire you to create similar contents? I have been thinking of how to let you in on my latest skincare products and then I stumbled on this piece on CassieDaves. Though, my content is going to be very different from what she has on, the title will most likely be similar with just a few tweaks.

So, while you whine about not getting it right, spend time to research and just take a look at what other people are doing or writing about. It could really inspire you. I will like to know some of your favourite blogs and websites. Share them with me in the comment section below.

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