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Editorial Note: Fathers Rock!

A woman’s first love is her father and his role in her life makes a lot of impression on her opinion of men. A man’s first role model is also the father as his attitude towards life in general including the manner in which he treats the opposite sex is likely to be a function of the lessons and experiences he has gathered from his father. These important factors were considered when I pitched the Father’s month to my team and we tagged it, Fathers Rock!

On that note, I welcome you to an exciting ride with us in the month of June as we celebrate the amazing things that our fathers have done. We also explore the changes that some fathers can make to better contribute positively to the growth of the young. We will also be getting expert advice on up and coming fathers and teach men on how to be better boyfriends, fiance and husbands.

Interesting for us, we start the month with a Monday which is when everyone crushes on some man and we count that very significant for us on the blog. We will be going all out to celebrate as many men as possible today. So, join the fun on our social media platforms and lets celebrate as many men as possible today and throughout the 30 days of June.

Oh wait a minute! We also have goodies coming your way specially for the men this weekend as we watch out for the winner of the Champions league. We will be running a ‘predict and win’ session on the blog and you do not want to miss the exciting goody bag that we have for our lucky man of the month! Asides from that, we have other packages which are exclusively revealed to our subscribers first before we put it out for everyone. So, Join the mailing list!

We will love to state that 2 of our members of our Board of Advisors will be celebrating their birthdays this month- Vivienne Odofin Daniel and Demola Adetona. Please watch out for the post and kindly show them some love. They do a lot for the brand and we cannot express our gratitude enough particularly Vien who is on top of the blog 24/7.

Thank you so much for all your contributions- criticisms and praises alike and we work towards being better even as our content base improves this month. If you will love to join our community of contributors, send us an email, hello

With love,

Oma Ehiri

Team Lead

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