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Ella Afrique Launches A New Fragrance For Givenchy And Kenzo

Last month, I got the opportunity to experience the launch of two exciting fragrances in Nigeria by Ella Afrique. It was a launch packed with a lot of activities and a lot of A list celebrities as well.

The launch started with the press conference at Wheatbaker and it was more than just another press conference. We got treated to a lovely breakfast and the lunch afterwards was a treat you get when you go on a date. So sorry I can not bring you the images as I had thought I could get it off the organisers in time for this but couldn’t. Will try and utilse my camera more often at events so that I have my own pictures readily available for you all. Thanks to Tomi’s Colour Pavillion for making some pictures available on her blog. Kindly check out her site.

Before I get carried away, the launch was about the fragrances and not the food. So, first, we met Jeu d’Amour by Kenzo. I talk about them as human because the fragrance has a face and if you were at the launch to hear Diane, the brand manager, speak of the fragrance, you would think she was referring to something much more. I guess the fragrance is actually much more.

The face of the fragrance is Louise Bourgoin who is an actress and the concept behind the fragrance is a love game. The fragrance is being defined as a love philter. On the pack, you have the red lips which shows that the fragrance is for the daring since we all know that the red lips is the trend for every daring woman out there. Besides, men seem to just love the red lips.
It comes in  3 sizes- 30ml, 50ml and 75ml.


What do I think about the fragrance? I had to give my mum the fragrance since it had a male version called the Kenzo Homme Night which I gave to my dad. So, kids looking for an anniversary gift for your parents, you just found one. But, I tried it out just to be able to let you know what I think. For me, it is a little too strong because my nose is sensitive. So, if you have sensitive nose like mine, spray just a little. However, I wore it out for a cookout with my society members and we had to cook with charcoal. And we all know how the smell of charcoal can be all over you. I didn’t take a shower before heading there just the perfume on my clothes and guess what?! I got back after 8 hours and the smell of the perfume still stayed firm over the charcoal smell.

The next fragrance which has created quite a buzz with the Moet Golden Night held at Pravada was Dahlia Divin by Givenchy.

The face of the fragrance is Alicia Keys. It also comes in 3 sizes- 30ml, 50ml and 75ml. Besides you remember Dahlia Noir, the bottles are similar but this has a white cover with a gold thread seperating the cover and the body of the perfume bottle.


What do I think about the fragrance? One word-Classy! I love the entire packaging. I am yet to even spray the perfume but I have this card that was given out that has the fragrance on it. My dear blog fam, whenever I open the wallet where it is, the smell that comes out is divine. I can’t wait to rock it to the Genevieve Pink Ball next weekend and I am hoping you have bought your tickets for 30k and 50k. You can buy a table for 1.5M or 3M. Just holla and you can get all the details you need.

Jeu d’amour VS Dahlia Divin? When it comes to fragrance, I am of the opinion that it is a matter of taste. I think the Jeu d’Amour is quite strong but Abubakar Tafawa Balewa was of the opinion that it wasn’t strong enough. Another lady said anything stronger than that won’t be for a woman. Abubakar loved the Dahlia and said it was just perfect and my colleague couldn’t stop sniffing on the perfume. For me, when next I need to restock my perfume collection and I find both bottles on the shelf, I am sure to go for Dahlia Divin by Givenchy.

My favourite

Editor’s note: I know it is not Review Friday on the blog but it was rather important that I let you into the world of these fragrances even as some of us are getting our Christmas gift lists ready. So, the Review Friday next week still holds. Subscribe to the blog for free by simply submitting your email on the right hand corner of the blog and stay up to date. To view pictures from the Moet Golden Night which held at Pravada, click Givenchy Launch Photos.

I was decked in a black gown and black shoes and since the dress theme was a touch of gold, I played that out with my midi rings from Forever 21 and a Geneve chain Wrist Watch. Shout out to Halima for the invite and to Ann of Veuve Clicquot for the champagne. Also, much love from me to Diane, Amanda and Dimeji for the perfume love and the sumptuous meal at Wheatbaker.

Unfortunately guys, I don’t have any of the perfumes to give away but keep your fingers crossed. When I have one, I won’t hesitate to put it out there for you to jump on. You know how I love to give you freebies. Till I can, rush to the perfume stores around and pick a bottle of Jeu d’Amour and Dahlia Divin but if you are stuck on cash, pick Dahlia. Let’s get her sold out *wink*

Till I come your way again, stay connected and share all your comments with me. #bevisible

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