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My Eloy Awards Journey

I knew about the Eloy Awards 2years ago and I remember that I was down with a cold when I attended the event. Though I cannot remember what I wore off the top of my head, I do remember that Jane Michael Ekanem was a nominee and so I was sitting with her and Nkem Onwudiwe of Her Network. The next year, SoTectonic became a media partner and this time, we had work to do from the nominees party to the event itself which meant that I had to attend both events.

At the nominees party of 2016, I remember being asked if I was a nominee and with sarcasm in my voice, I said, “No o! In what category na?” The lady who asked me laughed and said, “Maybe next year” and moved on to asking about my big fro which I had on at the event. At the event proper, I think the conversation came up again about me being a nominee but I did not give it any thought at all. First because, I suck at begging for votes not because of pride but because, I just hate to be a bother to anyone. Yomi Black will tell you how I always apologised when he asked what it was I sent to him.

Fast forward to this year, I did get the categories but best believe that I did not take a look at it. The only category that I remember looking at was the Women that Inspire which is usually not up for votes but selected by a team of judges and I saw 2 categories that 2 of my colleagues could fit in, Tobi Ayeni for Technology and Chiamaka Obuekwe for Tourism but none for me. Little did I know that people spotted the Blogger category and deemed me fit to be a nominee by sending in my name.

I got invited to the press briefing but couldn’t attend because I needed to create content from LFDW. It was at the LFDW that I got a notification from @eloyawards tagging me as a nominee and another notification from @socialprefect congratulating me. I was quite excited that I got nominated but also indifferent about pursuing the nomination because I was nominated alongside one of my closest colleagues who has gone on to become a really cool friend of mine. If you watch her video HERE, you will hear her whine about having me on the same category with her…. Awkward but it was what it was. There was also Black Satino who I have known for some time and even been invited on her show on WFM. So I wasn’t quite sure that pursuing this was a great idea.

Amidst all of this, I was seriously contemplating shutting the website down because of some technical challenges on the website which was gulping quite a lot of money . Then there is the staff that needs to be paid and keeping them is even more difficult because I was yet to find someone so passionate about the brand like my family. All of this coupled with managing the social media pages for other individuals and companies as well as planning a wedding was telling on my health in very diverse ways. At this point, quitting felt like an option but you, my ever loyal and supportive STfamily wasn’t having it.

After I got back from my trip to Abuja, I casually mentioned to 2 of my younger brothers that I was nominated for the ELOY awards alongside Deola cos they know her. I went on to mention that I would love to win but I could not pursue the nomination especially since I wasn’t even sure I would win. So, I posted it on Insatgram story and that was it. I remember Smith saying to me, “let us talk about it except you want to concede it to your friend”. I still said nothing and then, they started to pester me about it asking that I send a BroadCast. This was even weeks after the announcement. Emmanuel said, “Please design a poster and send to me”. So, I sent out the first BC with the graphics I designed and then sent to them as well. These boys (Christian and Ebuka inclusive) carried it on their head o and when I saw the way they were going about it, I just knew that I could not afford to fold my arms. If you have a team that believes so much in you, give God praise cos that is the kind of energy that you need to succeed. I also had some friends who were championing the cause and each time I see their reminders asking people to vote, I just smile. The one that shocked me was when someone sent me credit to use and vote because he couldn’t vote from the abroad. I was just in awe of all the love yet still in doubt.

On the day of the awards ceremony, I was dancing in my room and Ebuka walked into the room to ask me why I was so excited. I simply laughed and said, “Can’t a girl just be happy?” While driving to the venue, Christian also questioned why I was in such a mood but honestly, I was just excited to wear new dress and take plenty pictures for the gram which will be released tomorrow. I said hello to everyone, did some interviews and went in to get a good seat since Deola needed to vlog. Let me quickly apologise that I was too tired to vlog. I wish that I did but honestly, I just wanted to enjoy the show.

Whilst inside, we talked about the nominations and even tried predicting who the winner could be based on the publicity that each person put in or even the silence of some. Only for Titi and Yomi Owope to announce Oma Ehiri a few minutes after as the winner of the Eloy Awards 2017 Blogger of The Year. Deola screamed for me people. She was full of joy on my behalf and if Christian didn’t come to get me, Deola was ready to hold my hands and walk me to the stage. I thought I was going to say thank you but I got so emotional and went on to say a lot more than thank you. However, I am so glad to hear that people got inspired by my speech. You can watch a snippet of it on OMOGEMURA

Friends, SoTectonic will be 5years old on Friday, December 1, 2017 and this is an early anniversary gift. My heart is so full that in this year of Inspiration, we have this to celebrate with. SoTectonic stands for inspiration. We created this platform to inspire and create a strong impact through lifestyle stories and today, we have been awarded. This could only be possible because we have you reading the stories, liking our posts and just giving us the pat that we need to press on. For that and more, we say thank you. Thank you for being a part of the family and for believing in the dream. There is still a lot of work to be done and yes, we are currently working on that.

This award is for every young one out there who is not sure of the next move to take in life, quitting that which you love to do is not an option as Kachi would say. Go to God in prayers, stay focused, be determined to soar and watch things begin to happen for you. We still need the money o, no doubt but we believe that with time, it will come and so for now, we remain focused on touching lives and inspiring someone to do better.

This is my story but this journey is so much more than me. Thank you, Thank you and Thank you. To God be all the glory for letting his Grace rest on us. I love you all!


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