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5 Commendable Things Nigerian Youths Have Done Since #EndSARs Protests

Despite the sabotaging moves in certain parts of Nigeria, let’s not forget these!

We are now in Day 12 of the #EndSars protest. Thousands have continued to flood the streets across states of the federation refusing to be silent and demanding justice. Even without defined leadership, they have continued to coordinate the protest- motivating one another and almost as though they are strategizing on the go. Unfortunately, there have been some disappointing outcomes like the prison break in Benin. Notwithstanding, we cannot forget the commendable things Nigerian youths have done during this time.

Commendable Things Nigerian Youths Have Done Since #EndSARs Protest

1.Clean the protest Grounds:

Nigerian youths cleaning the #endsars protest grounds

Image via

After each day, we have watched the protesters clean up after them. They have ensured that they are not giving the Government environmental workers any extra jobs to do after they are gone. Even as they have to show up at the same location each day especially in Lagos State.

2. Donate:donations for #endsars protest

From funds to food supplies and more, Nigerian youths seem equal to the task. Several organisations have continued to show up at protest grounds with countless supplies made available by young people. Most prominent will be the funds being raised via which as at the 18th of October, 2020 was at N73,448,399.13. They have also been quite transparent with what they get and how the funds are being disbursed. In this time, there has been medical supplies made available, security, food, logistics, overnight tents and even a dedicated helpline.

This excludes other Nigerians like Jane who have gotten donations as a result of this protest. You can read about the move to get Jane a prosthetic leg here and how much was raised. She wasn’t the only one as Nigerians continued to donate to raise enough for a friend of Jane.

There was also the story of the groundnut seller who got over a million Naira in donations at the Lekki toll gate. These are just a few of the lot.

3. Gain global attention:

protests in NewYork

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From trending to Twitter to Jack lending his voice and the hashtag getting a hashflag, #endsars has earned global attention. The Nigerian youths have also taken time to inform and educate those at the grassroots.

4. Volunteer:

From the health sector to food and security, many youths have offered free voluntary services to advance this cause.

5. Stay United:

moslem and christian hugging each other; Aisha Yesufu

Image via TW Magazine

While some may disagree, the youths have remained united with one voice for the most part of this. A few distractions may have surfaced but the youths have continued to forge ahead. The most touching is to see how they have ensured that there are no religious biases or disagreements.

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