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How To Enhance Your Moto Z Experience with Moto Mods

It has been 3 years since Lenovo bought Motorola from Google and since then, they have been working on new innovative devices. One of such is the Motoz which was eleased in z

The Moto Z is an android operating system device which comes with Marshmallow but can be upgraded to Nougat. It weighs 136g with 32gb internal memory and a 4gb RAM. It also has a 13mp primary camera and a secondary camera of 5mp. However, what should attract anyone to investing in the Moto Z is if you can purchase the Moto mods as that is what enhances the device and improves the user experience. These moto mods include;

Hasselblad true zoomHasselblad true zoom

This device is a camera with 10x optical zoom. When attached to Moto Z, it enhances the primary camera quality of the device.

Incipio Offgrid power packIncipio Offgrid power pack

This is like having a power bank but it is wireless. It is said to extend the original battery power of the device by 22hours.

JBL Sound boostJBL Sound boost

This is like having a boom box attached directly to your device which enhances your entertainment experience on the Moto Z.

From research, there are other moto mods but these 3 are the ones which we had access to. TechCity has a user experience with BellaRose Okojie which you can check out HERE.

Our Recommendation

The Moto Z is better experienced with the moto mods. Thus, should you decide to purchase the device, you should be ready to purchase the moto mods. It will make an excellent travel companion but for someone who loves simplicity, this device feels a bit complicated having to carry all of those gadgets around with you. However, it is so easy to use with the Moto Z as all you need to do is snap it to the back of the device and the magnet attracts each mod to the back of the Moto Z. Installation is also super easy.  Note that the moto mods are only compatible with moto Z. This means that you cannot be buying the mods expecting to use with devices from other brands.


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