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A Day In Enugu: Hotel, Restaurant & Salon

Enugu, a city in the Eastern part of Nigeria, is known as the coal city. As the name also implies, the city seems to be built on a hill. It makes me wonder what some of the names of the States in Nigeria mean. If you have any idea what your State or city means, kindly drop that in the comment section below.

Last Easter holidays, I did make a trip to the East. It started from Nnewi and ended in Enugu. I have tried to edit that video over and over again but, the odds have been against it. Well, I have finally put together a little something on my YouTube channel and I do hope that you find the time to catch up.

Though I spent only a full day and some in Enugu, I found some things that could really help you when you visit. Let us just say I have made myself the lab rat, stumbling into the most unpleasant hotel I have ever seen in my life. Walking into the place changed my whole mood. I couldn’t even bear to lay my face on the bed and the water that gushed from the tap made my stomach rumble with disgust. We walked out in a hurry in search of a befitting place to lay our head.

If you wish to have a better experience in Enugu, then this post is for you.

Where To Stay In EnuguGolden Royale Hotel, Enugu

The first thing you really should look out for when travelling is where to stay. I usually would do my research but on this trip, I didn’t get a chance to. After looking at a few places, we finally settled in Golden Royal Hotel. The standard room which was the cheapest cost N52,000 for a night, also comes with breakfast. It was very comfy I must say with a bed large enough to take 3. In addition to the bed, you have a small chair, a desk, refrigerator, kettle, coffee cup and a television. The only down side to the room is the bathroom which doesn’t come with a hand shower. Luckily, they had a bucket and a bailer.

Where To Eat In Enugu

One food that I looked forward to when I made plans for this trip was ofe akwu aka banga stew. My mum is a native of Anambra State and so, we grew up eating the most delicious ofe akwu the world has to offer. Unfortunately, all efforts to find ofe akwu in Nnewi proved abortive until we got to Enugu.ofe akwu also known as banga stew

You know what they say about the salon being the place for most information including the latest gossip in town? Well, take it from me, your salon is the best news place as my hair stylist was the one who told me about Uta where we got the meal. The place is located at Heaven’s junction in Enugu. It seems very famous which means you can never miss it. Their food is really nice, quite filling and I enjoyed it.

Where To Make Your Hair In EnuguCrochet faux locs by ST Hair and Beauty

This is the real reason why we decided to end our trip in Enugu. I have always missed the opportunity to make my hair with Chinyere of The Olive Tree Place whenever she is in Lagos. So, I made plans to make a stop at her place in Enugu during the Easter holidays. Indeed, I was blown away by her story, the space and her commitment to work. I already shared this picture on my Instagram page and the love was massive. If you are in Enugu and looking for a salon to help with a healthy hair journey, try The Olive Tree Place. However, you can get the faux locs from ST Hair and Beauty. They deliver nationwide.

Have you ever been to Enugu? What were some of the spots you discovered?

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