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Etiquette Snippet: Are you deserving of a call back?

Many times, I wonder why some people send an sms such as ‘I saw your missed calls’ after several calls to their phone line. One would ideally expect them to just return the call since they found the time to send that sms or at least explain why they couldn’t pick the call and still can’t call now but they don’t. What this means to a lot of people is that you do not regard them enough to return their call and they automatically regard it as you being rude.
Frankly, when you text someone back instead of returning their call, it means the caller wasn’t very important to you because you could have as well returned their call with the same phone/handheld device you used in texting back. However, there are exceptional cases when you do not have sufficient airtime to make a call or when you’re unavoidably engaged. In such circumstances, I will recommend that you send a simple SMS just like one of my mentors usually does, “I’m awfully sorry that I can’t take your call now. Do allow me call you back”, “I was in a meeting and I couldn’t pick my phone”, “I was in a crowded staff bus and I couldn’t talk,” and then don’t forget to walk your talk – do call back as promised! The key word here is showing courtesy by making your caller feel and know that you have great regards for them.
Now find ttime within the day to return those calls you missed and never returned. Stop hiding behind SMS. Always remember that good relationships are cultivated through patience, persistence and reciprocity. So don’t forget to remember that you MUST matter where it matters!
Etiquettely yours,‎ Francis Anyaegbu‎

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