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Extremely ‘Reddy’ in February!!!!!!!!

Just yesterday, I had replied the snap story of a friend who was asking when January was going to end. And just like her, I guess there are some people who felt like the month was dragging way beyond normal. To be honest, I didn’t quite feel the drag. Maybe because I wasn’t just eager for January to come to an end but I am already anticipating the last month of the year. Which makes me think that the reason why we feel there is a drag is because we do have a lot we need to see actualize in February.

January is usually a month of gathering, fixing and strategizing. It is the month where things actually seem slower than normal because first, some people have spent heavily during the holidays that they now need January to speed up so that they can get their first salary for the year. For others, they have goals mapped out but in the first month, they are still trying to test out the strategies for actualizing those goals. Hence, they hope that the next month will be better in terms of stability. Whatever the case, it is just another excuse to try to get things right as the new month presents itself with the opportunity for a fresh start.

In January, I did try to embrace serenity in gracefully handling situations. I got tested and lost it a few times but all in all, I think I am gradually working my way there. I still need to do a lot in the department of complaining. Rather than complaining, just get rid of whatever brings the toxicity your way and be free. The site is also back and stable and I have a clearer sense of direction now more than ever before which is a gift and it comes with every situation you find yourself in. You just need to open your eyes to it.

With the new month, I am extremely ‘Reddy’. Asides from being prepared to execute, if there is any month that speaks red asides from December, it has got to be February. Red is usually associated with the month because of the 14th which is Valentine’s Day. I see boutiques pulling out the reds they have in stock, luring potential customers to come in.

For us, we have a big campaign coming up in partnership with Patrick’s Beauty Zone and Makeup by Ashabee- the second edition of The Love Lady. This year, it is bigger. We may have one more brand come on board but, it will be explosive. ST Hair and Beauty will give out some hair extensions to one of the winners and there will be other prizes as well. Also, in this month, we have the Lingerie Lust event. If you are on our mailing list, you may be the lucky one to accompany me to the brunch. For details on the event, click HERE.

Every other activity mapped out for the month will be sent as a Newsletter to our mail subscribers by Saturday, the 4th of February, 2017. I am excited for all that is to come and looking forward to sharing this beautiful chapter and journey with everyone who takes the time to read each post that we publish. Let’s get more interactive this month as well because we have also decided to reward the most interactive reader. Sign up to the mailing list already and stay ‘Reddy’!

Oma Ehiri

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