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My Favourite Hair Product For Itchy Scalp

There is only one brand that I rely on when dealing with itchy scalp. It has worked for me over the years which is why I stick to it. This is not to say that I do not use any other hair products but when it comes to itchy scalp, Natures Gentle Touch (NGT) Tea Tree Anti-dandruff range my favourite.


Natures Gentle Touch Tea Tree Anti-Dandruff range consists of the;

Instant conditioner
Leave in conditioner
Daily scalp therapy and,
Scalp protector.


My favourite product in the mix is the tea tree oil and shea butter. It does contain some other ingredients like cocoa butter and menthol. There are also some products which people actually frown at like the mineral oil.


Though the shampoo takes time to lather, it actually soothes my scalp, leaving that tingling sensation. I actually use only 3 of the range which is the Shampoo, the instant conditioner and the scalp protector.


I start off my wetting my hair, then I apply a generous amount of the shampoo on my palm, rub together and apply on my hair. After washing 2 or 3 times, I then apply the instant conditioner and leave on my hair for about 3 minutes. As soon as I rinse off, I let my hair to dry a bit and then apply the scalp protector. However, if you have the leave in conditioner which I am considering, you can apply that to your hair before blow drying ad then you can apply the scalp protector.


Before you purchase the prroduct, please read the labels and be sure that you are okay with the ingredients. However, if the question is whether it soothes itchy scalp, my answer is yes and I do recommend it for that purpose. Oma Ehiri

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