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FDA approves Sex pill for women- Young Nigerians React

The Food and Drug Administration in the United States of America recently approved a sex pill for women called Addyi. For those who may not be quite enlightened about the sex pill, it is basically like the viagra which the men take to increase their sexual desires. The men have had theirs for quite some time now and there are quite a number of sex pills for men but no sex pill for women up until Addyi.

While some are quite pleased at the approval by the FDA seeing that there was actually a lobbying campaign to get the drugs approved, others seem quite perturbed wondering why the need for a sex pill for women as one have just referred to it as another overbearing action by feminists. The drugs is yet to make its way into Nigeria but may likely do so. Thus,   To protect the identity of the respondents, their names have been changed.

Ben: I have no idea what this drug is all about and thus, cannot quite react to it. Those who fought for its approval have their reasons and know why they want it.
Bimpe: What exactly is their reason for wanting a sex pill for women. It is bad enough that the female hormone works very differently from that of a man and yet, we want to ingest drugs that may likely affect our hormones? I am not buying the idea and as a matter of fact, it is just another way to encourage the Lesbians in our society should this drug be imported into our country. Shouldn’t a man be more active than a woman? Even with the control and restrictions, our youths are most likely to abuse the drugs. We already have so many problems plaguing us. Sex pill shouldn’t be one of them.
John: I like it if it makes anyone happy. If my wife wants to take one, I have absolutely nothing against it so long as it makes her happy, I am happy!
Segun: Hmmmm….. Happiness is paramount at the end of the day. No doubt, it is likely to benefit the lesbians more like Bimpe pointed out but shouldn’t everyone have the right to be happy? If this drugs is what will make my woman active in bed, then I support her and I will even buy for her.
Chinyere: This is a 2 way thing for me. The married women are allowed to take this sex pill for women to help them spice up their marriage and see that they make their husbands happy. Sometimes, the women get back from work and complain that they are tired and have no desire for sex. Now, they have a pill that can make sure that they satisfy their husbands. On the other hand, the young people are already over active in our society. A sex pill is only about to increase the amount of unwanted pregnancies in the society.
Wole: Has anyone considered the side effects that this drug has? That should scare anyone more than its benefit.

Not withstanding the reactions, what we should know is that this drug is actually to help women who have little or no libido for sex and FDA has placed some restrictions to the prescription of the drugs. Hopefully it doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

Will you use the sex pill by Sprout Pharmaceuticals? Is it a breakthrough in women health or just another drug to be worried about?

Image Credit: Sun Herald

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