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First Look: How guests interpreted the royalty theme for Music Meets Runway 2015

Music Meets Runway 2015 took place on the 22nd of December at Eko hotels.

The theme for the night was royalty and guests seem to have their definition of what royalty should dress like. From the crop tops to the coats and then the dresses. Everyone sure made an effort which we must commend them for seeing that there are too many events going down this season that keeping up with all the dress codes could be pretty exhausting.

We have been able to gather some pictures off Instagram of a few people that might interest you including our favourite couple, Gbenro and Osas Ajibade. 2015-12-23 12.20.20 2015-12-23 12.21.44 Music Meets Runway 2015-12-23 12.22.56 2015-12-23 12.23.45 2015-12-23 12.24.44 2015-12-23 12.25.38 2015-12-23 12.26.29 2015-12-23 12.27.14 2015-12-23 12.27.59 2015-12-23 12.29.39 2015-12-23 12.30.03

How royal did they look?

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