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My First Professional Massage & Facial Treatment at Apples and Oranges

I work really hard but how I distress and relax is something that I have never given so much thought. Sometimes when I experience a back ache from bad sitting posture and all, I just try to stretch and give myself a little massage but it just never sinked in that I could have it professionally done until my spa day with Apples and Oranges.

Before stepping into the spa room, I did a bit of nosing around asking the staff questions on the treatment that I was about to have and other skin problems that I wanted to get rid of. So, I will share these questions and the answers that I got.

The Products

The company that is responsible for the spa section is Bilogique Recherche and so, all of the products that they have in the spa is made by this company. According to the experts on ground, the products have no chemical in them. Hence, results are visible over time as opposed to some products that promise you quick results without telling you how damaging the chemicals in the product can be to your skin.

The Massage

There are different kinds of massage but what I got was the relaxing massage which many of us need. It helps to calm your nerves and puts you in the most relaxing space ever. When you step into the room, you need to get rid of your clothes and put on a robe. For the ladies, you are given a head warmer to cover your hair with. Laying face down, the massuese reaches every corner of your body. When she was done, I just wanted to sleep. I had thought I was going to be laughing but I wasn’t. It was smoothly done and indeed relaxing.

The facials

The expert recommended once a month because I have no facial skin problem. However, if you are trying to get rid of acne, you may have to do twice in a month. The facial was to get rid of black head and tone my face. The only painful part was getting rid of the black head and when she had to use tweezers to get rid of my facial hair. Asides from that, I was chilled.


In all, the spa treat was worth it. I do not have the price list so I can’t say how affordable it is but, they are professional and they give you good service. The clip below takes you through my treatments from the massage to the facials.


This video was compiled by Deola Adebiyi of Omogemura
Have you ever been to a spa? What was your experience?

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