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Forbes names Highest Paid Actresses in the world and Sofia Vergara tops the list

Forbes has recently published a report on the Highest paid actresses in the world and believe it or not, our favourite Latino, Sofia Vergara tops the list alongside Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting with 28.5 million dollars before tax.

It looks to us like Donald Trump and Sofia Vergara do have something in common after all and that is, they both know how to make money. So, while Donald has a lot to say about immigrants, Sofia is busy making all the money there is to make from Hollywood.

The report assessed the earnings made by these celebrities between the 1st of June 2014 and the 1st of June 2015. It was also calculated before they made any payments on tax or their management fees. For Sofia, this is not the first time she is topping the list. She has been on that throne for about 4years now.

The list also saw a few newcomers on the list. Julie Bowen from Modern day family was one of those who just came on board as she came in 3rd place with 12 million dollars in earnings.

It is quite interesting to see how the list played out. For more from the reports, click HERE.

Featured image via Fox News

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