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The HOW Foundation- Rewarding Excellence In Education

Despite the increasing rate of unemployment and the promotion of entrepreneurial development skills, the place of education can never be under rated. It is for this reason that The HOW Foundation has chosen to reward some students with gifts.

At the end of 2016, the foundation called for the results of students with the aim of rewarding their intelligence. Hence the reward to 2 brilliant students of St Gregory’s College, Ojeaga  Aidenomoehi and Gbegaje Danrome with brand new laptops as a result of their excellence. They could barely contain their excitement and their parents were beaming with joy as well.

At the presentation of the awards, the CEO of The HOW Foundation, Ms Antonia Ally had this to say, “There is nothing like working hard towards a goal, whatever it is we want to give the children something to look forward to, motivation and reward go hand in hand, we motivate the children to be the best and we reward the best, we believe it’s the best way to keep kids encouraged”

The how Foundation is developing a strategic system where children with outstanding and consistent grades from schools in Nigeria would be given an opportunity to apply for How foundation scholarships to top Nigerian and international Universities.

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