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How to Get Rid of a Bridesmaidzilla

Nigerian weddings are already very dramatic. From the moment that I became of ‘age’, I could already smell the drama. As if that was not enough proof, Mo Abudu just had to do a movie to confirm my worst fears. Well, with all the drama from the families to the vendors and even friends, if there is an opportunity for you to have one less drama, then you must never hesitate to be informed of it. In this case, it is how to get rid of a bridesmaidzilla.

I bet you are familiar with the term Bridezilla- a word used to describe a bride who is every inch a drama queen. Believe me when I say if she is one, you will feel the heat. These days, we are beginning to actually realise that it is not just the brides that can attract drama, we also have some groomzillas. Same applies to the bridal party and while we might have overlooked it for so long, they do exist.

Since they are an integral part of making your day a memorable one for you in a positive light I must add, the last thing you want is for them to bring all that drama your way and ruin your happy. If I could be your wedding consultant, I will simply advise that you do not include such a friend with Bridesmaidzilla tendencies to your bridal party. However, they are sometimes the best of your friends that you do not want to hurt their feelings by excluding them. Hence, the need to ensure you do the following;

Make a Passionate Appeal

The first thing that you can do is have a talk with the ladies without singling the bridesmaidzilla out. If you do, you are likely to put her on the defensive which is a proven recipe for the attitude that eventually yields drama. So, speak to them at the same time. You could set up a spa date which is a very relaxing atmosphere. While everyone is chilled, simply let them know how much you will love for them to get along with the wedding plans in order to make you happy. In that moment, state in the most subtle way possible that you will appreciate if there was no drama from anyone of them but rather they should be helping you handle any drama being served by others.

Set up a group chat

One of the reasons why a friend could be a brridesmaidzilla is if they do not have accurate information about what is going on. For instance, if they had no input in the dress you have chosen, it is only a matter of time before the bridesmaidzilla amongst them will explode. Thus, set up a group chat. These days, people use WhatsApp groups. Have everyone there and share ideas with them. In the end, your desire is supreme but sharing that with them and tweaking it a little to have them comfortable, is key.

Show Concern

I understand how busy your morning is likely to get and how all that you have on your mind is getting dressed and hopping off to meet your man at the altar. However, you need to make sure that the needs of your bridesmaids are attended to. Make plans ahead for things like transportation and food. You can even decide to take care of their makeup and hair if you have the resources so that they are looking radiant and cheerful all the way!

Have a Wedding Planner

All of these can be too much for you to handle which is where the wedding planner comes in. The wedding planner shields you from all the drama that may arouse. She takes charge and somewhat manoeuvres her way around the bridesmaids that rather than come to you the bride with their challenges, they are speaking to the wedding planner who has been paid to ensure that the challenge is taken care of before a drama erupts.

You know what they say about a happy wife and a happy life? Well, same applies here but this time, a happy bridesmaid makes for a happy bride.

Have you ever been on the train with a bridesmaidzilla, share your experience and how she was tamed.

Oma Ehiri

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