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5 Ways To Get Your House Ready For Independence Day Celebrations

No doubt that we always look forward to public holidays as Nigerians. It’s a time to take a break from work, traffic, and de-stress. For some, it’s the time to party, party and visit all their friends. Thankfully, the Independence Day celebration is around the corner, another long weekend break. While some just want to go out with friends to enjoy the independence day celebration activities, some will prefer to enjoy family and stay in their space.

Whether you are the type who wants to invite guests for a meal on Independence Day, or have friends over for a fun activity, or you like to savour your solitude, try some of these tips to get your home ready for the Independence celebrations.


Declutter and organise a part of your home that you have always postponed. Get your hands on some of the DIY “Do it yourself” ideas available on the internet to give your home a new look. You can save time on cleaning by getting extra help from a professional cleaner. Consider hiring a SweepStar from SweepSouth to assist you to create a dust-free environment and take care of the curtains, carpets, furniture, and laundry in the home.

Getting your home ready for guests takes a lot of work and effort, so don’t try to do everything yourself. Focus on the more creative aspects of the day, like making delicious food and setting a beautiful table, and delegate time-consuming chores like cleaning the house till it’s sparkly clean, to a SweepSouth cleaner. You will love the new feeling your home has for weeks after the celebrations.

2. HOST A MOVIE NIGHT FOR FRIENDS (play a trivia competition on Nigeria’s history)

Let your friends come over to your place to have fun and chill with you. Catch up on movies and watch the recently released movies by our own Nollywood published on Netflix. This is a form of patriotism to support our local movie industry this holiday. Movies on Independence day is a good starting point for a list of historical movies about the history of Nigeria. Have fun with trivia competitions on Nigeria’s history to see how much you and your friends know about Nigeria, your country. You can engage a vetted and trustworthy cleaner from SweepSouth to come in and help thoroughly clean the house after the movie.


This historic day is an opportunity to give your tastebuds something different. Prepare to cook an indigenous meal and let the phrase “There’s rice at home” be avoided this holiday.  Nigeria is blessed with a wide array of soups and stews from the hundreds of ethnic groups in the country.  From the West to the South, to the North, to the Middle-Belt regions, there are varieties at your disposal to cook or learn how to cook for your family. Visit food blogs to get cooking recipes to get you started or reach out to a friend!


Take advantage of the long weekend to get fit at home. Create a workout space in the corner of your bedroom and convert it into a “mini gyms” that can accommodate equipment depending on your fitness level.  This can also work in any corner other room or if you have a balcony, you can set up the mini gym there and invite your friends and neighbours to workout together. If the gym is set up on your balcony, you can also get to enjoy a lovely sunset or sunrise view as you work out. Be sure to get equipment that can easily be moved around if you want to take your workout outdoors or to another room.


If you are the type that wants to stay indoors all alone, get your seven to nine hours of sleep this holiday. Your body needs rest! The National Sleep Foundation recommends seven to nine hours of sleep per night for adults between 18 and 64 years old. This is one of the best ways to de-stress and improve your mental health. Binge on social media (especially the short skits and reels on Instagram) to calm your nerves and laugh the weekend away.

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