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Getting Detoxified (My Experience with the carribean Health Juice)

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With the amount of toxins which we are exposed to by inhaling smoke from vehicles, burning bushes and even in the clubs from smokers to the dust and even the kind of junk we feast on, getting a detox is very important. This helps to give you a healthier life and to protect you from most deadly diseases.

Courtesy of tw magazine I joined its fitness challenge and had access to a certified nutritionist, Sherese Ijewere of the Carribean health. I had done a detox prior to now using the simply green juices. Though the simply green juices were much bigger in size and extremely filling because it was more of a smoothie and heavier, I didn’t quite get the expected result because there was no one to explain the basics to me.

Before I give you a break down, you need to know that before embarking on any detox, you need to be psychologically prepared. You need to understand the signs that you may experience as a result of the detox and I think it is more effective when you do it with someone else who will be there to motivate you through the journey. Besides, the essence of the detox is to give your system a break and make you feel lighter particularly your belly which was the ultimate catch for me.

The Carribean health detox requires you to consume 6 bottles of juice a day and I did 3 days of that. There is no denying that I tried to nibble on a littel bit of food because I wasn’t planning to lose my entire size seeing that I am very small in stature. However, the food that I nibbled on was when I got home at night after work and in a very small quantity like a piece of fish or a little bit of chicken and yet, the detox worked greatly that till now, I love to just look my belly in the mirror all the time.

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The juices have Carrot, Ugu, apple, celery, pineapple, ginger, mint, melo, chia, green pepper and Tamarin. The 6th juice has just Tamarin and is about the most awesome of the juices and must be taken when you are home as you are likely to use the loo. Mine wasn’t that way though. It happened to me in the morning.

Some of the juices also have Moringa which is good for cleansing the blood.

The major side effect is the headache which is because we are not used to it and as a result of the amount of toxins in our body. I fell sick afterwards clearly because all of the sickness came out full gear and knocked me down. Then I had my acne coming out en masse but now, I have a much clearer skin. Also, it was easier to eat in portions after the detox as my stomach wasn’t holding down so much food. Now, I feel lighter even after 6 weeks as it looks like my system just automatically detoxifies after a few days all the junks it thinks shouldn’t be in my system.

I am set to do another 3days next week before the end of the challenge and that will be the last for this year.

The 3days detox cost 12,000 Naira and that is enough for a year really which is what I plan to do from next year. I encourage you to reach out to a nutritionist before you embark on such a detox to be sure what works for you. Sherese Ijewere is a good one!

Got anymore question on detox, just drop a comment and we will provide you with answers.

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