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Getting Glammed For The Job

I have never been one who is particular about my looks when there is work to be done. I will rather be focused on getting the work done which for me was more important than slaying. This is why many a times, I have been spotted tying a turban in the most ridiculous style, no makeup and the greatest blunder in the world of my fashion sisters, gracing the red carpet in a pair of flip flops (which is my most comfortable foot wear). Not like I didn’t understand the relationship of a dress and being addressed. I would put in the effort if I had to be at a meeting not when I had to be in between places as is the case at the AMVCAs.

Gradually, I began to realise that getting glammed and doing the job go hand in hand especially as a talent manager. This was one major point for my boss at Ascend. As the talents got ready for every event, she would ask if we had found something to wear for the event as we had to make sure that we represent the company. If pictures got to her and she found me in a turban, I was sure to get a message waiting for me in my whatsapp, asking why I didn’t have my hair styled. I would try to give as many excuses as I could think up and when I was done, she will simply ask me to look the part for the next event.

Eventually, it all sank in with the AMVCA 2016 which was pretty much my first AMVCA. I had 5 talents to cater to and they all needed me to chaperone them on the red carpet. That’s right! As a talent manager, you have to make sure that your talents look good on the red carpet and the paparazzi gets the right shots. Hence, the reason you find us adjusting their dresses on the carpet. Not like they can’t do it themselves but how low can you go to ensure that the dress is properly placed on all corners. You also need to help them carry any excess items that they have on their hands until the paparazzi is over.Joke Silva

Fast forward to 2017, I had gotten a hang of it and now, I knew just what to do so that I do not come under any pressure. I sorted out my design with the designer 4weeks before and made sure to constantly reach out to be sure I didn’t get disappointed. A day before, I stopped by the salon to have my hair done and nicely wrapped and styled. Before that, I had the nail technician stop by my hotel as early as 6am to have my nails done. On the day of the event, I tried to get to the hotel by 10am when the talents were still trying to make their way to Eko Hotel. This allowed for the makeup artist to start my makeup. In between the makeup, I was doing a lot of running around but she was really patient and we still had a good face beat. By the time the talents were ready to step out, I was all glammed up and ready for the job.Ade Laoye

In the end, it is all about planning. The pressure will always be there but once you begin to understand the importance of looking good and being a good representation of your brand at all times, you will have to make time for it. I promise to bring you a full look of all the shots I can lay my hands on. That is, every shot that shows you what I wore to the AMVCA 2017.

Till then,

Oma Ehiri

Photography by Omide Photography (@omidephotography on Instagram).

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