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9 Gift Ideas For A New Mum

Looking for baby shower gift ideas or just shopping as a new mum, this will help!

The first time I had to worry about what to gift a new mum, it was actually a tasking job. Usually, my mum helped in picking the items but she was out of town. Eventually, I had help but wondered how many other people had such troubles shopping for a new or expectant mum. Besides, I assumed it would pay to actually gift the new mum something that she will truly appreciate and would be beneficial to her. Hence, the short survey I conducted and this is what I found;

Diapers & Wipesdiapers and wipes

These are the easiest thing to get for any new mum but there are things to note- the preferred brand by the mother and the size of the baby.

Maternity pillowmaternity pillow

I just came across this on Floral Designs a few days back. From my research, this is a great gift idea for an expectant mum. It helps with back support and eases the pain. After the baby is born, it can still be used by the mum. Its functionality is better experienced than told. You can cop one here.

Clothes for the new mum and the babynursing bra

The new baby certainly needs clothes. However, research shows that mothers prefer you go for clothes that are not the exact age of the baby as babies grow so fast. For a new born baby, just get for 3-6months. Items you can purchase include body suits, caps, socks, small towels, etc. The mother also needs some new clothes as her size must have changed or in transition. They will also appreciate nursing bras.

Lactation Cookieslactation cookies

These cookies help to boost or maintain milk supply and according to all recipes, men can take them too.

Diaper bagdiaper bag

This is a storage bag with many pocket-like spaces that is big enough to carry everything you need to care for the baby.

Breast pumpbreast pump

I just got to know about this as I always wondered how the mothers extracted the milk from their breast into a container. Apparently, that is the work of a breast pump. It is a small machine.

Baby Walkerbaby walker

As the baby gets older, this will help the baby to move from one place to the other. It actually aids in trying to teach the baby to walk on their own.

Baby carrierbaby carrier

Many a times, the mother needs to get busy with other things or even move around in the course of performing her other duties, the baby carrier is your best bet. What I like about this is the fact that, the baby is right infront of you and you can monitor what goes on as opposed to having a baby tied to the back. Not saying our grannies didn’t do well but let’s embrace the carrier.

Baby rockerbaby rocker

Mothers need this to entertain their children and sometimes, get them to sleep. Spending time with one, I can tell that keeping the babies happy isn’t as easy as this chair looks. Any parent will be grateful for this.

Special thanks to the following Instagram account owners who helped with the survey; @gertrude_umeh, @kaychiiii, @towsynn and @beautybellaz.

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