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God has a sense of humor: The review

God really has a sense of humor. He leaves you in a particular situation where you begin to wonder why he hasn’t reacted to your ordeals or saved you from the trials but in the end, He answers and we begin to see why it seemed like he kept quiet for so long. This reminds me of the word of God that came forth at mass this morning which says that it may tarry but God’s time is never our time.

This was the angle which Ebi Akpeti, author of God Has A Sense Of Humor, took in narrating the short stories. These stories are the experiences of a few ladies in the society which many of us can readily relate to. She told the story not to focus entirely on Christian women but women in general and how it may seem like all hope is lost but there is always a ray of hope if only we believe.

I recommend this book to very woman and because I want you to buy it, I am not giving you all the scoops and details into the book. SoTectonic has a copy that it will be giving away to one lucky subscriber. So, subscribe to our mailing list today and stand the chance to get one.

Have a great week ahead.

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