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Google Search reveals spikes in Nigerian ladies’ commitment to Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here and online Search trends show that lovers in Nigeria are already busy preparing to thicken the air with romance. In the last week, there have been huge spikes in Valentine’s Day-related searches on Google by Nigerians.

The search for how to be romantic to your boyfriend on phone spiked by 250%, while ‘Gift for boyfriend’ was searched 71% more than ‘gift for girlfriend’ in the past week by Nigerians. It would seem that Nigerian ladies are showing more commitment to lover’s day than the guys. This may be as a result of Nigerian men requesting more for useful gift items that are outside the usual for Valentine’s Day.

The search for the ‘history of valentine day celebration’ and ‘Valentine love letter’ spiked by +400% and +550% respectively. ‘Valentine message for my love’ also spiked by +300%  in the past week. This reveals that Nigerians are interested in the meaning of Valentine’s Day, as well as, conveying their heartfelt love messages of deep affection.

Search interest for Online Dating Apps also peaked during the pandemic, a reflection that the pandemic has taken a toll on all aspects of life including dating and relationships. Nigerians who cannot physically get together are finding alternatives with online dating apps, and are becoming more trusting of using apps to find love.


CHART: Search interest for Online Dating Apps peaked during the pandemic

Searches for  ‘Good morning love message’ doubled by +111% in January 2021 compared to January 2020. Overall, search interest for Valentine’s Day in Nigeria has gradually declined in the last few years from 2004 to 2021.


CHART: Search interest for Valentine’s Day has gradually gone down from 2004 to 2021

Some of the related questions Nigerians also asked in the week preceding Valentine’s Day: “What is love?’, ‘What is the meaning of love?’, ‘How to know if a guy loves you?’, ‘How to know if a girl loves you?’ and ‘How to ask a girl out?’ Nigerians are also keen on knowing ‘How to make love?’, as it was one of the top questions asked in the past week.


Nigerians are definitely eager to impress as they express love to their loved ones this coming Valentine’s Day. This is shown in the top ‘how-to’ searches on Valentine’s Day in the week that passed. Nigerians want to know, ‘How to make a Valentine Card?’, ‘How to package Valentine gifts?’, ‘How to dress on Valentine?’ and ‘How to ask a girl to be your Valentine?’


Top questions on love over the past week:

  1. What is love?

  2. What is the meaning of love?

  3. How to ask a girl out?

  4. How to make love?

  5. How to know if a guy loves you?

  6. How to know if a girl loves you?

  7. What is love all about in a relationship?

  8. What is true love?

  9. How to tell a girl you love her?

  10. How to ask a girl to be your girlfriend?

  11. How to make a guy fall in love with you?


Top questions on dating over the past week:

  1. What does the bible say about dating?

  2. What is dating?

  3. How to date a girl?

  4. How to get facebook dating?

  5. How to date a girl online?

  6. How to ask a girl out?

  7. Who is Lee Min Ho dating?

  8. What is a relationship?

  9. Who is Rihanna currently dating?

  10. Is Patoranking and Yemi Alade dating?

Search trends information is gleaned from data collated by Google based on what Nigerians have been searching for and asking Google. Google processes more than 40 000 search queries every second. This translates to more than a billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year, worldwide. Live search data is available on the Google Nigeria Trends site.

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